Don’t Confuse Price With Value

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I had someone write me recently, telling me that for four years she was trying to find a coupon to get a discount on my classes. There was some site where she found one, which was fake, and she wrote me asking why it didn’t work.

All that time wasted on the price, and no opportunity to take advantage of the value. Here’s how to avoid making that same mistake.

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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and today I want to talk to you about
something kind of weird that happened I
got an email from a woman who apparently
has spent the last 4 years trying to
figure out how to get a better price on
my vo to go go courses she found some
site somewhere that Shopify identifies
as a malware site that had all of these
coupons on it for my courses I didn’t
put them there I don’t know where they
came up with them they’re all fake they
don’t work and that’s what she wrote me
to complain about she’s like how come
these don’t work you know I’m supposed
to get like 50% off and I’m like I don’t
I don’t have any coupons where that’s
the case the only coupons I have are
from my pros and that’s to give them 100
percent off of things that they get for
free and she’s like well why do you have
those and I’m like ok let’s back up a
little bit what’s going on here I just
want to get the best price possible
and I’m thinking to myself this this
woman’s names familiar I look back in my
email and she wrote me four years ago
asking if there was a discount code that
she could use four years ago that she
could use with vo to go go and I said
then no there isn’t
you know once a year we launch and we
give a great price we give a bunch of
bonuses but there’s no there’s no
discount coupons or codes or anything
really and
she kind of like went away and I haven’t
heard from her since
but I think it’s really interesting
during the course of our conversation
she said I really want to get into
voiceover and I thought to myself wow
four years she’s been worried about the
price as opposed to being worried about
the value or the lost opportunity the
opportunity cost of not engaging in the
course and learning and being able to
earn money and build a successful
voiceover career she’s done something
and it is like the most stellar example
that I can think of of somebody who’s
confusing the price of something with
the value of something I’d like to thank
the biota Go Go is a high value product
and that the price which is usually for
most of the year around $3,000
is a bargain compared to what you get
the classes and the workouts and the
equipment and the support and just all
of the stuff that you get that helps you
build hopefully a satisfying and
successful and profitable voiceover
career similar thing happens with
rehearsal Pro and what it leads me to
believe is that it happens with almost
every business that there are customers
that confuse price with value with
rehearsal Pro it’s an app and a lot of
people have the idea that because there
are so many free apps that all apps
should be free and anybody who charges
for an app
is like the devil incarnate you know
most of the apps that are free are
either there they’re part of a larger
stack like the Facebook app is free
because you go on Facebook and people
buy ads and that’s how Facebook is
supported or you download a slot machine
app right and the slot machine app is
constantly trying to get you to buy
coins buy them with real money to play
right you could end up spending hundreds
that I read once where there was some
woman who spent over $80,000 playing
slot machines slot machine apps um so
when people write me about rehearsal Pro
and say why isn’t this free why are you
charging $20 for this app I have this
same conversation with them don’t
conflate don’t don’t mistake the idea of
price for value you know it’s really
interesting 20 dollars buys you lunch
buys you 1/3 of a workshop buys you one
twentieth of a headshot session buys you
one hundredth of a video demo reel
production session and is about 1:16
thousandth of what you’d make doing an
on-camera gig for a couple of weeks so
the value for that though is immense
if it helps you be off book and you book
more work the value is very different
from the price the price is the price
because we have to support the
development and the upkeep of the app
period we don’t include advertising we
don’t have upsells you know we are going
to introduce a community shortly that
will allow people to offer their
services but it’s completely voluntary
you know it’s gonna be really cool but
it’s still low cost and high value and
it reminded me that we make that mistake
all the time you know we’ll spend hours
and hours and hours trying to save 5 or
10 bucks on something
that if we just bought it at a
reasonable price
we’d have those 5 or 10 hours to enjoy
that item and what is that value right
so this idea of confusing price with
value happens all the time it happens in
instruction it happens now certainly
there are things with high price and low
value and there are things with low
price and high value things with high
price and high value things that are
free and have high value things that
cost a lot of money and frankly are a
waste of time and and your cash and so
you know I get that it’s like a chess
game sometimes trying to figure it out
but what I would say is always think to
yourself ok here’s the price I get it
and it’d be great to save money I’m not
saying you shouldn’t be frugal because
you should but at the same time which
you don’t want to be is so frugal so
penny-pinching that you spend 4 years
trying to figure out why a coupon
doesn’t work or how to get a better
price and in those 4 years you don’t get
to enjoy the value of what you might
have purchased so anyway I just wanted
to share that with you today I really
appreciate it if you have something that
you think is really high value and
you’ve got that the fact that the price
and the value were very different things
maybe it was a car maybe it was a house
maybe it was a meal at a great
restaurant maybe it was something that
I’ve sold you you know the app or a
class or curriculum um but I’d love to
know what those examples are put them in
the in the comments below and let me
know if this is something that is new to
you something that you have heard before
but you have to be reminded of I love
when you when you leave comments like
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that one right there yeah I’m David H
Lawrence the 17th I want to thank you so
much for watching and I’ll see you



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