Christina Just Took Creating Your Own Content To A Whole New Level

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Hey there, hero!

If you’ve looked at the VOHeroes Pro curriculum, you’ll see that there is one complete course on Creating Your Own Content (and a whole bunch of others that show you how to create your own content in particular categories).

One of my VOHeroes, Christina Hourihan, actually took what I taught her, and created something very, very cool: The Opera Doll.

In this video, I do my first unboxing, and it’s just awesome.

Link to The Opera Dolls:
Link to the Creating Your Own Content course:

Hope this helps!



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  1. Absolutely Inspiring to see and hear the Adelle Doll! As a fellow voice over talent conservatory trained singer, and one of your students since 20o6, I have full appreciation for what Christina has created. She has taken controll of her career and I pray she’ll experience continuous income from this doll for generations to come! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Theresa! I’m so glad these resonated with you, fellow singer!! I wanted to think of a way to use this music training that was outside the box!

  2. Brava, Christina! Brava.

    You’ve got the razor, now come the blades. You can create a line of different songs customers can buy. Ideally they would be downloadable by the customer—if that’s not possible now you can consider it an upgrade.

    You could slipstream it into production and offer an upgrade path for current owners. You could even come out with a second line of dolls that would take the downloads.

    Remember, Gillette didn’t make his money on the razors.