AMA II: Electric Boogaloo – Asked And Answered

Hey there, hero!

Earlier in the year, I hosted a virtual AMA (Ask Me Anything), and it was really well received and fun to do.

So, I thought, why not? Let’s do it again! And you responded with some really great questions, asked over the last several days and weeks.

Today’s questions deal with staying in touch with clients, and what mistakes podcasters make when creating their very first podcasts.

Let’s dig in!

Hope this helps!



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  1. I always thought of “my avatar” as my personal avatar you would create of yourself for the online world, but I see now it as a way of describing your “target audience”, nice explanation David!

  2. Such great advice David! I have to admit I hadn’t drilled down very deep into my avatar/target audience for the podcast. I was simply thinking that Dungeons and Dragons groups would listen and hopefully enjoy the entertainment value. How could I be of more service? I have to admit that I absolutely love introducing new players to the game! I’ve done so with dozens of people and I jump at the chance whenever possible. I’d also enjoy introducing Dungeon Masters to my house rules. Hmmm. I may do both, but I’ll focus more on new players. Thanks for the video David 🙂

  3. David,

    I so look forward to your videos EVERY day! I am not looking forward to December 31st when they end. I appreciate all your hard work to produce them and to impart the information that you have in so many different areas. Thank you for doing them. I love them.