Age Range Isn’t Really A Valid Metric For VO

Photo by Martin Reisch on Unsplash

Hey there!

I went to a meetup a few days ago, and had a conversation with one of the attendees there that started with her question:

“What do you think my age range is?”

And I told her what I thought. No numbers or ranges were involved. Here’s why.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Hi David, This is a great subject and one I have struggled with in my own mind. My voice had always sounded very youthful, and that has made me think I could still do youthful characters…until I was told by a well-known coach that my regular voice sounded “middle-aged”. Kind of shocked me and discouraged me. But then I am older, and I have heard that voices do change with age. So like the issue of ageing in general, I have had to learn to embrace the change in my voice as well and move on. Now I have also realized I can still change my voice to accommodate a variety of characters, and I’m good with that. So… into the booth I go!

  2. Hi David,

    That was definitely one of your most humorous videos! Am still laughing out loud! Obese voice:)
    Seriously, thanks for all of the input.

    My voice is a young one but like you said I change ( well attempt!) it according to the directions.
    I just tick all the boxes- bar child- when the question arises.

    Thank you so much for all your insights and advice through these videos.


  3. Thank you David! I have wondered this before and you have set me straight but always good to hear it again. BTW, I am saying this in my ‘skinny’ voice 😉

  4. I think my voice sounds a little younger. On ACX I think I said something like 25-40. The entire concept is a little silly, unless you have a very distinct voice that sounds very gravelly. Thanks for the video David.

  5. Have a lower voice, but converse like a 40 year old and can sound fortyish — look like I’m in my fifties — real age, turning 80n this year in August. My voice has done babies through elders. What other field can you spend your time gabbing all day and gettin’ paid for it LOL. it work for me LOL . . .

  6. This is something I have repeatedly encountered in my auditions! I’ll be 59 this year, but I’ve been told I sound in my 30’s, and depending on the role, I can do late 20’s, I’ve also done “senior” voices. My mother is 87, she still has a beautiful voice and sounds like she did when I was a kid!!
    When it comes to voice, age doesn’t matter!!

  7. David, I’ve always referred to my voice age range as “mature” or “grandfatherly” or “comforting”…smoky, spooky or storytelling. But then I realized that I was losing work because of my self-induced age limitations. Now, when they ask me for an age range, I ask them what they’re looking for. I’ve discovered a new world of high impact car dealer spots, doctor/attorney hard sell ads, furniture store sales and more.
    Thanks for your good thoughts, Thomas Varhol

  8. After years of hearing Paul Harvey on the radio, I still remember the first time I saw him. I thought, “No way!”

    I have found myself self-disqualifying regarding “Character Age” on some audiobooks. Not so much anymore. Depending on the subject matter, whether it’s narrator neutral, and the potential payback, I’m taking a much more adventurous approach these days. Who knows? I could be just the voice that hit the home run.