A Super-Powered Two-Part “Network Better” Tactic

Hey there, hero!

We all attend events that are designed to help us meet our peers, mentors and potential customers.

And in several videos, I’ve talked about potential conversation starters…especially if you’re an introvert, and starting conversations is a challenge.

In this video, I’ve got the ultimate superpowered option: use this two-part formula to start a conversation, and you’re sure to be off to the races.

With a potential bonus.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Do you use the lavalier microphone that you recommend on these videos? If so, where do you clip the microphone, because I don’t see it?

      1. Hey David,

        Thanks for answering that. One more question. Do you use the shotgun when you record on camera acting auditions? Or do you use the Lavalier then?



  2. The real key to conversation is a genuine interest in the people you’re talking with. One can feign interest, and make some headway; but if you truly *are* interested, that will show through, and give by far the best and most profitable conversations. Just as we, as voice actors, talk about *being real* in our assignments, we need to be real IRL, too.

  3. I would tell my younger self, do not listen to everyone and start drinking. Do what is in your heart, and never doubt the dream you have, it is your purpose.