13171: A Simple Shift For Your Mental Health

Hey there, hero!

Does the world these days tend to make you angry? I know there are aspects of our existence that piss me off.

And I want to delete those things. Don’t you?

James Clear helped set me straight. You know, the guy who wrote Atomic Habits?

He got me again this week with something in his newsletter.

Once you hear it (I repeat it, it’s so good!), let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Good stuff David. You’re pleasant to listen to and offer solid advice.
    As you alluded to, there’s so much negativity going on these days, I find it
    easy to jump on that “downer merry go round.” I have to monitor my thoughts constantly
    and get back into a more positive vibe. Not always easy to do but worth the effort.

  2. Thank you, David. You always seem to know what I need to hear.
    Before I joined VO Heroes, I was bogged down in negativity and there seemed no way out of it.
    I took a workshop of Amy Berman’s which started the process of coming up from the depths.
    Then she recommended checking out VO Heroes and since then I have been so happy. Positive things are happening and I see the good in people and things.
    Yes, I still can look at some people, events and things in the world that bother me, however, I no longer give them energy and I am able to turn to what brings me joy.
    Again, thank you.

  3. Well, I had to stop in the middle and go look up Atomic Habits by James Clear and read the book sample on Amazon, and I’m glad I did. What an interesting and clear suggestion you gave for a tiny habit change: shake off a negative thought – shake it off like a dog shakes off an encounter with a difficult dog, and immediately changes its thought to something pleasant, like sniffing that next fragrant tree. (Sorry – just got back from walking Dudley.) I love this. As I love so many of your suggestions for small changes that end up making a big difference over time. One that I’ve been implementing is creating text replacement for some of the long passages I habitually type. Streamlining!! It’s cut my time down a good 5-10 minutes for several of the work emails I send weekly. And there’s the stairstep method, and all of your other pointers on how to make recording on Audacity more efficient. And there’s the somewhat more sweeping one of doing things right away. I get an audition. I do it the first minute that I can. I send it out. I forget about it. So often I find other things come up in the next few days that would have delayed me horribly, and led to frantic scraping by. Instead, now I can do those other things. Anyway, thanks for all the good tips. I appreciate them. And I appreciate your dedication to your students and clients!