A New Lead Source For Performers: Voice Assistants And Smart Speakers

Photo by Dries Augustyns on Unsplash

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Back in the 80s, after answering machines had their heyday, IVR systems started becoming popular and a new avenue of income for voice talent was born. It became so lucrative that we teach an entire class on it in the Pro curriculum.

Today, a similar technology is presenting itself as a possible source of work for you: voice assistance and smart speaker apps.

Let’s take a look at the concepts and the lingo you need to know to speak intelligently about Siri, Alexa and their cousins.

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  1. 8000+ prompts for the IVR phone system of an international healthcare organization’s IT support desk. Tedious to edit but a super project. This particular phone system requires a project rate of 8000 Hz which is almost painful to work with, but sounds great when it runs through the system. I’d like more gigs like that! Plus it’s fun when your friends say, “I had to call the help desk. Was that you answering the phone?”