13163: A Bend In The Road Is Not The End Of The Road, Unless…

Hey there, hero!

The rest of that quote (from Helen Keller) is really important to know.

Life in general, and our chosen path in life (being an artist) specifically, has some twists and turns in store for us.

Some unexpected stops, some uphill climbs and some out of control skids.

Some bends in the road.

Unless…you are watching, vigilant and prepared.

I wonder how you handle the unpredictable. Especially when the unpredictable is as weird as it can be as a voice talent, an actor or a writer.

I’m going to show you how simple acknowledgement of the challenge can go

Do you find yourself at a loss when the road sign is squiggly? What do you do to “cover” yourself for the unexpected? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. An excellent reminder, thank you, David.
    I was once in a class where the speaker pointed out that, most of the time, when we are in the middle of feeling like we are helpless, hopeless, should give up, etc. when we think we are, indeed, at the end of the road…What we need to realize is, if we were above the road and could see where we are headed, we would see some beautiful, wonderful things. Things that make the ick part of the journey worthwhile. So we gotta hang in and keep knowing we are where we are supposed to be and things are as they should be. And of course, follow the bend, trees hurt when you run into them full force.

    1. I wouldn’t think that is a bend in the road, as opposed to the road itself. I’m not sure what your “office hours” look like these days or what you’re auditioning for, but please post in ProConnect your process and let us help you (not here, this is public).

  2. A great morning to write a response! Heading down a “black hole” has become too familiar, and I have to fight all the time. David, you not only gave me a HUGE boost by plugging my little kids’ book, but reminded me to look for the rainbow ’round the bend. Last night I was rewarded hugely by the monologue I wrote & performed for NeoEnsembleTheatre’s MonFest. An unexpected choice by TWO CDs choosing their 3 faves. Back on the horse is sure better than flat on the floor! THX for your words. My rainbow reward shines through the clouds today!

  3. And until you make that turn, it is hard to see what’s around the corner! I recently breathed out a huge sigh of relief when I got feedback that there was some distortion in one of my submissions. Even though ACX was approving my submissions, I figured out that a technical issue contributed to my lower booking rate elsewhere!