Yet Another Example Of Why You Are Enough

Hey there!

I got an email from Betsy recently, and she said to check out the link she’d included. She thought it would be a great way to illustrate my “You are enough” diatribe.

She was so right. Check it out.

And if you’re not familiar with that diatribe, here you go (once again):

You are enough.

You have everything you need, already inside you.

It is all ready for you, the moment you need it.

If you ever need anything else, it will be presented to you at the moment you need it.

As you step in front of the mic or camera, there’s no need to try to instantly become more professional.

Or try to be immediately more prepared.

Or to somehow quickly become a “better” version of yourself.

No tension. No apprehension. No shooting your cuffs, putting your head on a swivel, or donning a temporary suit of armor.

Relax. Take a breath. Set your mouth at neutral. And simply shine.

Because you. are. enough.

Trust that.

Take advantage of your natural, awesome self.

And use that. Shake that moneymaker.

If you’ve never seen that before, well…now you have. I mention it a lot because we get wrapped up in making things far more complicated than is ever necessary. And usually, just like Occam’s Razor, the simplest, most direct path to the answer is often the best.

And here’s the example that Betsy sent me:

Read Tori Lavale's answer to What are some natural remedies for a flawless skin (no pores/no zits/etc.) that actually work? on Quora

(I’m on Quora a lot, answering questions about acting and VO.)

Have you felt your life getting simpler, or more complicated? Which works better for you? What have you been able to simplify lately? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope this helps!


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  1. Thanks, David! I remember the first time I heard you say to your class members, “You are more than enough.” It was like a weight was lifted. I wrote it on a sticky note and put it on my computer, as a reminder.

  2. I liked this very much, and I do believe I am more then enough. I feel more confident in my acting and better at my voice over, I just keep moving forward and keep practicing and that has made it more easer for me. Thinking positive will always be the better why to think no matter where you are in your art.

    Thank you so much,

    Cylinda …:))

  3. Simple button all the way these days. If something doesn’t work for me, feel right, or jive well I move on to a nice simple way of doing whatever it was I wanted to do. K.I.S.S really does work.