Where I Workshop – Part 1

Hey, there!

Actors I meet will often ask me to recommend workshop locations that I’ve personally found useful.

I’m going to share some of my favorites, and the first one is Connect Studios LA.

And there’s a reason they’re first: they are all about your success. Oh, and they also kindly allow me to teach the VO2GoGo curriculum there.

Here’s what makes them great.

This workshop location used to be called Signature Studios, and I attended dozens of workshops there in the mid-2000s as I was learning my craft, and meeting my customers (casting directors, assistants and associates). The original owners sold it to the current owners, Doug and Ayumi, a few years ago, and they moved into a more spacious location in Burbank.

Doug and Ayumi have taught improv for years at The Second City here in LA.

And they rock. The family feeling there is awesome, and they bring in directors, writers, producers and other customers of yours.

I asked Ayumi to tell me in her amazingly refreshing way what makes Connect Studios essential to your list of workshop locations:

Wonder where the working actors workshop?

Connect Studios LA has been delivering workshops since 2004 and attracts the top instructors in town. Many CDs tell us we are their favorite place to teach not only because of our professional atmosphere, but also because of the high level of talent they meet in our classes. This is reflected in the high number of actors who get known from our workshops. Our workshops are predominantly classroom-style, ensuring a great learning experience. We offer both cold-read and prepared-material workshops. We let the instructors and coaches decide what format works best for them – we don’t impose a format on them.

Since we (Doug and Ayumi) are both working, professional actors, we know what it’s like to be in the trenches and are up to date on what is currently happening in the business. Our members keep coming back to our studio because they are impressed with how much we care about the success of each of our actors through the mentoring and support we provide them.

Conveniently located off the 134 in Burbank, (near the Warner Bros lot), the studio offers free parking for every workshop.

If you’re looking for a friendly, professional, supportive environment to attend workshops, that doesn’t feel like a factory farm, we encourage you to give Connect Studios LA a try.

Create an account at http://www.connectstudiosla.com/audition.php so we can arrange an audition. Membership is FREE!

Give us a call 323-850-7717 or email us at [email protected] with any questions!

Ayumi and Doug

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been there, learned there, advanced in the industry from meeting my customers there, and…I teach there.

Hope this helps.



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  1. Thanks for the introduction to Connect Studios, David. As a VO talent “only” with no on-camera/stage acting credits to date, or envisioned at this time, would these casting workshops be of use? Or should I assume an attitude that ‘an actor is an actor’?

    1. Being a better actor will help you be a better VO person. And these workshops are useful for seeing really great examples of other people working, and getting to know yourself as a physical actor as well. My class called Mutual Muscles is all about “an actor is an actor is an actor.” That’s what I’ve based the entire VO2GoGo curriculum on.

  2. What about for kids? Is there a coach or workshop you recommend for kids who are constantly getting voice over auditions but haven’t been able to book one yet?

    1. I wish I had a better answer than “I will coach kids 12 and over privately.”, which I will, with their parents present. There are no VO workshops that I know of that cater specifically to kids.

      1. Thanks for your reply! My daughter is 10 and constantly getting voice over auditions but has never had any sort of voice over training…only stage…I always wonder if there is something she could be doing differently when sending in her auditions.