What’s The Best Gift I Could Give You?

Hey there, hero!

As I’ve done these videos each day this year, I’ve often wondered if they’ve been useful to you.

And you’ve reacted in an extremely receptive way.

So now, let’s take this one step higher.

As we celebrate one of the biggest gift-giving days of the year, tell me what you’d like.

As I plan for the new year and the on-going videos I’ll create, what would be a home run for you? What would you like to know about?

What would be a wonderful gift to you?

Hope this helps!



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  1. David there is a lot of information out there for VO Artists. Sometimes I feel its almost too much. It would be a difficult task to try to curate all that stuff. What I found interesting was the personal narrative you brought to your videos. They were about your health, your daily interaction with somebody that triggered a thought, an article your read. But it was the personal that got my attention. I am still interested in learning the craft of audiobook narration and voice over work but I would like to see it through your eyes. At the same time to be honest with you I was less interested in your take about Ted Talks or articles your read about the power of something. I got lost with those, not sure why but they didn’t grab me. Your ability to make it personal is key for me, and why as a voice over or acting talent I should care about your personal “authentic” take. The fact that the videos won’t come everyday is a relief to me because I became obsessed with not missing any of them. But in order to live my life sensibly I took shortcuts, like fast forward through your opening music, set the video to around 5 minutes in to see where you were going, then fast forward every 20 sec to see if its going to hit me. Sorry for that. But many I listened to the end. So I don’t know if this will help or not but thank you for this great effort and thank you for your honesty and good will to people especially those of us just starting this journey. Merry Christmas.

  2. First of all, I would like to wish you and your’s, VOHeroes and all, a Happy Holiday Season and Health, Happiness & Prosperity in 2020 and beyond.
    Thank you so very much for all your time, effort, thought and love you poured into doing these videos all years…You are awesome!!!
    I’ve been following you on vo2gogo since 2011 and now on VOHeroes and, over time, I have found innumerable things helpful in one way or another. So keep doing what you have been doing, it works!!!

  3. How to break the ice and get that first VO job. I’ve a small edge as I was an AM radio announcer (DJ) for the Country Top 40. I also have many pro level contacts on LinkedIn with studios, agents, & VO pros. What’s the next step? I think that would be very helpful.

  4. David, the Best Gift you’ve given to me this year is the gift of your presence in these daily videos!
    And the Best Gift of 2020 will be more of them:)
    You asked for input about content preference that would be most helpful in the upcoming Wednesday videos – performing, business, marketing, life, or all of the above. I can say, without hesitation, please count my vote for all of the above.
    I appreciate you so much for everything you do to educate, encourage, and inspire your students to reach their next level of success! Thank you!
    Here’s to an Awesome New Year!

  5. Hi David,
    Thanks for all your guidance through these videos in 2019. The 365-day Challenge seemed an enormous commitment at the start of the year – and here you are just about there. So, thank you again and very well done!
    For me, the issues I guess would be more on script interpretation and self-direction.
    Wishing you & yours a super 2020 – and looking forward to all those 2020 Wednesdays.

  6. Could you do more of the business side? What type of accounting software to use and what would the categories be? I am trying to break into audiobook narration on a fixed income, so I will be doing everything myself until I am able to make enough money to get me off SSDI. Thanks, David, I hope that you find the time to do some business side of VO.