13144: What Work Can You Do During This Strike?

Hey there, hero!

The strike against the TV/Theatrical/Streaming contracts and the members of the AMPTP continues, now months in for both writers and actors.

Writers are really hamstrung in terms of what they can work on, but our strike is slightly different as there are many areas of work, covered by many different contracts…

…many of which are voice over based, rather than on-camera.

(And what can you so with the time you might have spent doing on-camera auditions.)

Let’s find out which ones you can get paid to do, and which ones you can’t.

UPDATE: SAG-AFTRA has asked for a strike authorization against the producers of interactive projects (most obvious is video games). We will update once we get more information.

Once you watch or listen to the episode, is there an area of union acting work that you’re not clear about in terms of accepting work? Are you a non-union actor that is confused about what work you can do? Let me know in the comments below.


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