What Open Loops Are And Why They Work So Well

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In one of my previous videos, I told the story of meeting a neighbor in my elevator who was carrying a microphone, and it turned out that she was an unlikely podcaster.

You’ll never believe what most people were interested in when they heard that story. It was a prime example of what are called “open loops.”

What the heck are those? Watch and I’ll tell you.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and the video that I did recently on the
woman in my elevator who the unlikely
podcaster the one who lost her keys if
you haven’t seen that video go check it
out it’s in the it’s in the channel here
it turned out to be a very interesting
example of what are called open loops
and I’ll tell you what those are in just
a second so I told the story about the
woman that I saw going through the trash
as I was going back to my condo I asked
her what was going on if I could help
and she’s like I’m just you know looking
for my keys
because she’d lost her key she thought
maybe she put him in the trash and as we
went I told her about the the woman
there was our new concierge maybe there
at the lost and found maybe they can
help and as we’re going up in the
elevator just a quick summary of what
I’d said she was carrying a microphone
and a pop filter and a really good
microphone and an XLR cable and I said
are you gonna go interview somebody
she’s like no I do a podcast just very
matter-of-factly and I was like huh so
anyway that’s what that other video was
about and you would not believe what
most people were interested in about
that story they wanted to know certainly
what’s her podcast what’s it about find
out but they also wanted to know did she
ever find her keys right who was that
other woman that was with her what kind
of microphone was it I mean you look at
the comments in that video below that
video you’ll see and it really
Illustrated what open loops are all
about i I don’t have the answers to some
of those things but the fact that people
asked really illustrates the power of
open loops so what are open loops open
loops are those things in our lives that
are left undone or are not yet completed
or not everything is known about them in
the world of script writing open loops
are almost required when you have
episodic television especially when
there are through lines between episodes
not just contained in an episode
cliffhangers classic example of open
loops the human mind absolutely cannot
stand not knowing what’s going on so
when I say something like at in an
upcoming video I’m going to talk about
this and I’ll be giving you three cool
things you can do with your camera or
your microphone or whatever instantly
people want to know what are they what
are those three things
it’s why clickbait headlines work you
know a crazy weird trick that helps you
lose weight what what’s the trick why is
it crazy why is it weird so open loops
is what’s going on here and you can use
open loops when it comes to your
signature in email for example click
here to find out my most popular blah my
most popular demo my most popular
episode this Friday I’m gonna be telling
you not I’m not going to but this is an
example you could post this Friday I’m
gonna tell you about a show I’ll be on
next week you probably don’t want to do
that you might want to do with the day
that it airs and you know that you’re
still in the show but that’s another
video the point is open loops have been
the reason that people have paid
attention since we’ve been human beings
I mean I can only think that the most
popular caveman artist was the one that
told the story in hieroglyphics from
left to right drawing things and then
left the last one off what happened to
the Bison what happened to the hunter
what happened to the Sun we as humans we
need to know so question what could you
do in the promotion of your business or
with your writing or with your producing
where you don’t tell everybody
everything you leave a little bit to the
imagination you tease things you have a
cliffhanger what could you do with what
you do let me know in the comments below
if you
grab you my channel look at that there’s
my head if you don’t see a head there
look for a subscribe button somewhere on
the page and if you want to see the
latest video I’ve done go ahead and
click on that frame and it’ll play for
you it’ll do that it will I’m David H
Lawrence the 17th and I thank you so
much for watching and I’ll see you



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  1. Glad I listened to this today. Even though I’m a little behind watching, this was perfect one for my “birthday appreciation month” videos I’ve been doing every day this month. The one that I did with a open loop in the description ended up being the one that got clicked on the most…and I had no idea why at the time. Thank you, David!