Want To Grow? Don’t Go It Alone.

Photo by Cori Rodriguez from Pexels

Hey there!

Many of the skills we learn are those that try to help us become self-sufficient. To be able to handle challenges by ourselves. To say “I’m self-made.” Somehow, that’s become a badge of honor.

I’m here to tell you that it’s fun in the beginning, but you’ll never get where you want to go by shutting yourself away from others. And the only way to move forward past your own level of expertise is to do some awesome team-building.

Hope this helps!



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  1. MeetUp groups are a great way to connect with others in the biz. I have learned so much from my VO MeetUp peeps! Plus it’s great fun to get out of the booth and socialize, pick each other’s brains, help those who are just getting started, etc. I was in two great groups in the Seattle area, but moved to Spokane last fall. I was amazed to find out how many people there are in VO in Spokane when I started the MeetUp here. Very encouraging when I thought I would be all alone. Try it!

  2. I look forward with great anticipation to the day when I have enough work to justify hiring people! For now, I need to build my business based on an investment that is relatively…mmm…conservative. My accountant is already concerned that My business may be declared a “hobby”!

  3. Good questions. I had employees in the past and they did me dirty so now I don’t trust the process of bringing people into the fold. I realize they weren’t the right people and that was a different time but there is still that lingering feeling. I work on it daily and hope as my business grows again I’ll have the opportunity to bring the right people into my world. I love these daily videos. They are fantastic. Thank you.

  4. From advice and support, to sharing in my excitement, it was wonderful to share my recent victories with my friends, family, and VO family. Thanks for the video David.

  5. Speedy recovery David! 2 things, first, your “taped” reference near the end is so appropriate today. I just saw that with “New Coke” being featured in the 3rd season of “Stranger Things”, Coke is bringing that back for a limited time. Everything old is new again, like your shoulder! Second, I get the team support thing for sure but kind of opposite that is the virtual assistant. You’ve mentioned that a few times. Would you please do a video on how that looks in your life? I think that I might benefit greatly from something like this and want to hear how you use this type of service. Thank you!

  6. Networking Groups that are web designers, graphic designers surprisingly was a great group for Me to be involved with. Web designers like the idea of adding voice to a site–I’m sure Me pitching the idea at the monthly meeting helped too. lol. Great encouraging words today david!