Value Enthusiasm, But Value Persistence More

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Do you know what the most common number of episodes of podcasts is?


Yep. Most podcasts have end after just one episode. And it’s not because the podcasters have said all they need to say. It’s because they have enthusiasm, but lack any sort of persistence, sticktoit-iveness or simple endurance.

You absolutely need to pay attention to this, or you will be hard-pressed to reach the finish line you’re striving for. Here’s how to maximize that effort.

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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and I just got off the phone with a
podcasting client of mine she is working
on her seventh podcast episode in the
first month and a half two months she’s
done one every week and I said you know
what I just found out I just found out
something really cool about you you are
seven times the average the typical the
mode of the number of episodes that a
podcast actually has of all the podcasts
that have been recorded ever that have
been created and you know put out there
the average and I mean mode not median
or mean but the average number of
episodes is one they do it and then they
don’t get around to doing the second one
so what I want to talk to you about
today is the value of that feeling that
you have when you first start a project
like you’re gonna start a podcast maybe
you’ve never done podcasting before or
you did but you were just a guest you
didn’t really do the production work
around it or the distribution work
around it or any of the social stuff
that you have to do with podcasts and
you’re really excited about it so you
have all this enthusiasm about this new
shiny bright butterfly that you have
flying around your head and very much
distracting you and that’s valuable and
you should value that but let me tell
you what you need to value even more you
need to value enthusiasm but what you
really need to value more is persistence
because that’s the one that’s going to
get you from one episode to two and
three and four and five and six and for
some people that comes really easy I
mean it’s not hard because you’re like
oh I like that let’s do that again and
for some people it’s like okay I did
that okay was alright I mean that’s so
enthusiastic about it anymore yeah maybe
I’ll try something else right that’s
called dabbling and when you
you don’t have that persistence or that
endurance that is needed to create
something that has legs if you don’t
have that stick-to-itiveness I want to
help you get that and it’s knowing that
you need that endurance Tony Robbins
calls this process commit to mastery
right whatever you think about Tony
Robbins I happen to love him I think
there’s an awful lot of really great
stuff buried in the mastering of the
mastery of marketing that he is
it’s committing to mastery not just
trying things out taking a stab at it
you know and we mistake sometimes this
idea of being really gung-ho about
something and really enthusiastic in the
beginning for the energy that we need to
keep going to keep going – episode 2 –
keep going – chapter 2 or 2 book number
2 or to demo number 2 or whatever that
that whole idea of I’m gonna try a whole
bunch of things and then something’s
gonna stick that’s a fairly dangerous
path I mean if that’s the way you do
things okay great I mean it reminds me
of George Bush senior’s saying let a
thousand flowers bloom and when I heard
that I thought yeah and then you’re
gonna have 995 dead flowers and a few
weeds to clean up
maybe maybe 999 or a thousand who knows
but the idea of every action you take
you got one you want to examine that
because not every action you take is
going to be useful some actions that you
take are just going to serve that
initial surge of energy that initial
enthusiasm that you have about something
and and saying well at least I’m doing
something you know one step forward
maybe you know maybe it’s not being very
effective but it’s hey it’s better than
not doing anything at all I’m not so
sure that that’s the case what you want
is effective action and you know it when
you feel it you know it when you’re like
I’m just gonna sort of spin in place
here I’m just gonna sort of let the bike
coast I’m gonna stop pedaling for a
while I’m just gonna see what happens
it’s really hard sometimes to stick to a
project when that initial bloom wears
off or even worse when you are just
trying to prove to yourself that you
could do it once once you do it’s like
okay I did that alright fine so then you
begin to realize what’s really important
to you in life and if you find yourself
easily doing the second and third and
fourth iteration of something
that’s a really good way of knowing how
important it actually was to you or if
it was just a bucket list thing if it
truly moves forward as opposed to you
saying okay that’s good I’m done I’m
done that’s it
I tried that that very spicy food I
don’t need to try it again I actually
have a video coming up on I have one
question that you should ask yourself if
you want to know just how important
something is to you in your life it’s
gonna make it very easy for you to tell
the difference before you even get
started with a new project or with with
keeping a project but that’s coming up
that’s coming up so tell me about you
tell me about you in the comments below
if you’re watching on VOD go go comm if
you’re not go there to make these
comments what kind of stick-to-itiveness
have you found you’re good at are you
good at the one and done stuff are you
good at the hey if I’m gonna do this I’m
gonna do it right and if that means keep
doing it until I get it absolutely great
that’s what I’m gonna do I’m going to
iterate make things better and better do
more of what works less of what doesn’t
or are you the kind of person who simply
wants to try everything possible in life
this comes back to the options versus
process people as well the process
people tend to be better and it comes
easier to them to do this second third
and fourth to stick to it because they
look at it as a process rather than hey
I’ll try that well try that over there
Oh what about that over there yeah I
could try that so just like to know what
your story is let me know in the
comments below tell me if and tell me if
this matters to you at all you know
maybe this isn’t something that’s a big
deal to you it is to me because I’ve got
a lot of things I want to get done
before I leave this this earth I got a
lot of things that I want to do and I
want to do well so hopefully that helps
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I’m David H Lawrence the 17th I so
appreciate you watching and I will talk
to you tomorrow.



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  1. Not to quibble over words, but I would say “endurance” is perhaps the most important. We’re running a marathon here, not a sprint! Thanks again for your podcast producing persistence!

  2. Great video! I’m been doing the dabble approach b/c like you there so much I want to do in this world but switching approaches to that of persistence may be more beneficial.

  3. This was a fantastic post! Thank you so much. I have a few goals for this year that I really want to hit. I’ve been spinning my wheels a bit more than I should for some of the components of the goals. It has frustrated me to no end so I stop for a bit then pick it up again. That frustrates me too! It is a cycle that I’m working hard to stop. Pushing through that frustration is the goal for the day at this point. Doing the not so fun stuff to get to the fun stuff. This post was perfect timing. Hearing the words “Commit to Mastery” makes me want to push through and focus more even when it isn’t as fun as I’d like. Thanks again.

  4. This IS a big deal to me. There’s a lot of things I want to do and do well before I move on also! I’m not a good self- motivator and am often attracted to shiny objects or squirrels that cross my path. Oh look a puppy …. This is one of the reasons I am grateful for these daily visits. Every day I get to check in… sometimes what you say is more relevant than others, but it’s something. What I find frustrating is that this process is a slow one and I do like to do things well, but also quickly. Just doing something every day helps. Start small, be persistent and build …. so far so good 🙂