0043: Three Ways To Deepen Your Gratitude Game



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

At this time of year in the States, we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, and I wanted to give you three little suggestions on how to deepen your gratitude game.

And I have a classic question: what two things are you most thankful for? Watch the video to the end to see exactly what I’m asking about, and let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Thanks David.
    I’m grateful for my boss giving me a push to do something different than real estate.
    And I’m grateful for my little dog, Milo, who always brings light and joy into my life, even in the really dark moments.

  2. Well-spoken, David.
    I’m thankful for my deep interest in having a spiritual mindset, which taught me long ago, that the most fertile soil for success is gratitude.
    I’m also grateful that my comfortableness with truly experiencing and expressing a wide range emotions makes my acting work and zest for life possible..

  3. Well, you beat me to it, David. You. Of course I’m grateful to you for modeling such grace and give-yourself-a-break-ism. So that’s.a freebie. I’m grateful to all the teachers in my life, dance teachers, gurus, mother, father, daughters, friends, enemies. I’m grateful for the sky. It just keeps being gorgeous. Look at that color of blue! Look at those clouds. Look at that sunset. Look at that moon. It’s a constant changing always beautiful work of art that’s just up there. For free. Thanks again for reminding me to look!

  4. Thank you so much for this important reminder to practice gratitude. It can’t be said often enough! I’m grateful for the time these last 20 months have given me to slow down and pare down and see more clearly what’ really matters (& what doesn’t). 2nd thing is the courage that gives me to be more of whom I am and less of what I’m not, to twist your aphorism a bit. Plus, my cat, but that’s three.

  5. I am thankful to God for:
    1) The training I received online via VOHeroes and the ACX Masterclass. I started knowing nothing about the tech side of VO, and now I am recording/producing audiobooks.
    2) A place (VOHeroes) where I can continue to grow in my VO skills and knowledge.

  6. Very well said, David. I must say that I have a number of people whom I can thank, but highest on that list is my wife, who constantly reminds me to stay on track and not chase dead ends. Also, thankful to my agent who has done more than represent, but has built a supportive community within the agency where clients support, inform and exchange ideas with each other. And… I’m looking forward to the VOHeroes journey as it continues! Thanks again, David.

  7. Having been to hell and back a couple of times and living through a handful of shit shows, I am always most grateful for my family. In particular my brother and sister in law and the children I raised to be mentsches (and their spouses) who, as adults are my friends, supporters and role models. I am also deeply grateful for my late-in-life willingness to take risks, make mistakes quite publicly and learn from all of that. What a gift that is!