13137: Three Simple Words To Help Shape Your Future

Hey there, hero!

As we sit in a moment of uncertainty. or fear, or disappointment, we might think that this is where it always will be.

That this failure or challenge or set of speed bumps in life will never end.

I’ve got three words for you. And I suggest you do what I did with those three words.

After watching the podcast – did those three words help? Do you think they might make a difference? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Wow. I’m not sure what I was expecting those three words to be. But these are some of the most helpful and soothing three words I’ve been presented with. One never knows where that Port in a storm is going to show up. Sometimes it’s in a podcast. Kind and awesome wisdom.Thank you for this, David.

  2. That’s indeed something I think we all know at some subconscious level, but bringing it to the front like that is terrific advice. Thank you so much for sharing your insights like this. I learn with every episode!

  3. First it reminded me how long it’s been and that I miss you. Second, it reminded me why I started taking classes from you to begin with – you are inspiring. Third – I Will be making a note card with those 3 words because it is Exactly what I needed right now.