The Strategy Of Pre-eminence, Or, Service First

Hey there, hero!

I just got back to LA from a fantastic trip to visit my other tribe.

And I was reminded, over and over again, about a professional lifestyle choice I’ve made about being of service to people.

And doing so long before they become customers, if they become customers or not.

That choice has paid me back thousands of times over.

My question for you is…how do you put this to use as a performer?

Hope this helps!



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  1. Absolutely spot-on. Service First has always been my default strategy, and it has paid off handsomely in much repeat business over many years. It tells the “customer”—whomever that may be—that your first interest is in seeing that his need is met. You can’t get off on a better foot!

  2. Love this. Good purpose focus for what we do. David, i actually spoke with someone today who is interested in VO and yet has very little acting experience, etc. i would love to connect him with you or with documents/vids you have already created with your “service first” way and help him. Please let me know what you would advise.

  3. Hey David,
    Another good suggestion for both newcomers that want to get the proverbial “foot in the door” as well as experienced VO’s that might be getting a bit jaded from one too many “I can get it cheaper at…” Comments.
    ps/ I attempted to contact you thru your website with a question. When I selected Contact Support, my Safari email auto-opened. I no longer use that Mail, having switched several years ago to gmail and my website mail. Is there another suggested way to contact you?

  4. Yes, yes! I always appreciate service or advice that the giver didn’t need to give me. I picked my senior community that I live in because they gave me advice and even recommended some other communities before I signed on the dotted line. The place that had been my first choice just couldn’t be bothered helping me or answering my questions, so I didn’t bother with them.

  5. Being of service is in my blood which is good & bad. Sometimes I give too much don’t take care of yourself but I’m learning how to balance that out. I love to share information & love receiving great information too. This is great information. Thank you.