The Rest Of Julian Treasure’s Sour Vocal Notes

Hey there, hero!

I’m in the midst of breaking down Julian Treasure’s TED talk on how we use our voices to connect the dots between what he says and what we do for a living: perform with, among other things, our voice.

Let’s look at the rest of the things he thinks we should stop doing, and why they are just as important to us as professionals.

Link to Julian Treasure’s complete TED Talk:

Hope this helps!



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  1. I studied with George DiCenzo, who was one of the producers on “Dark Shadows”. He told the class a story about how he was auditioning someone for a project, and he noticed that this person had listed on their resume that they had worked on “Dark Shadows”, and he knew that they hadn’t. After the audition, which went well, George took the person aside and told them that he knew they were lying on their resume and that they should change it, etc. The person got indignant. How did did he know that they hadn’t worked on that how? George told them. That person got awful quiet awfully quick. Small business, indeed.

    1. There is so much to be said for NOT lying on your resume, and I was happy to read that Mr. DiCenzo confronted the liar. I have an acquaintance who told a real whopper of a lie, something so blatant it was literally laughable. I told him to remove it from his resume and to stop lying in general. He made the decision to stick with the lie, which has haunted him throughout his pretend career. It baffles me why it’s so difficult for people to simply tell the truth — and OWN that legitimate truth — instead of risking everything by choosing to lie.

  2. I love these videos because of your honesty, David. I run to these videos every moment I get, because the quality of the information therein is impeccable. As for these things you shouldn’t do, it crosses every industry. I saw so much of these things as a construction manager, it literally hit home what NOT to do, as you’ve said. Every single one of these points is GOLDEN, because they’re not only applicable to voice acting but to LIFE. Thank you for bringing them to the forefront.