The Resource You Must Guard Most Carefully

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We all use lots of resources when executing what we do in life, and we manage these resources as best we can.

So, what’s the most valuable resource we have? Money? Skills? Physical supplies? Technology? Our professional and personal relationship?

I would argue that there’s one resource that’s the most valuable of all.

Here’s what I think that resource is, and why we have to be so careful with how we use it.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
hope everything’s going great with you
today and you’ve got all the things that
you need to make your life fantastic all
of them all those wonderful resources
that you gather and manage and conserve
and then use appropriately we have all
kinds of resources like that and the the
acquiring of those resources is
sometimes a challenge then what to do
with those resources once you have them
is also sometimes a challenge so what’s
the most valuable I mean as you look at
how you spend your day and what you do
to acquire these resources and then to
use them appropriately what do you
think’s the most valuable I have an idea
but I just want to find out from you in
the comments below you can tell me if
you agree with what I’m gonna tell you
or not I’d love to know but what is it
is it the money that we earn and then
use to invest back into ourselves that
we use to buy the things that we need to
execute what we do every day that we
need to sustain ourselves you know feed
ourselves house ourselves clothes
ourselves is it the skills that we
acquire is it the things that we do to
get better and better at what we do and
then execute those things so that we can
get better at them I mean I think that’s
a pretty valuable thing what about the
physical supplies that we use the money
to buy or that we acquire somehow or
that we create out of whole cloth the
technology that we get that we use the
tools that we decide we’re going to use
is that that is that the most powerful
because that can be pretty powerful what
about our relationships is it our
professional and our personal
relationships everybody talks about how
networks are so valuable and so on so
all of those things are really important
and all of those things are really
valuable and all of those things are
it’s al it’s a worthy goal in all cases
to gather enough so that you have what
you need to work with maybe you have a
you know but I think that there is one
resource that we have it’s an inventory
that is different from others because
you can’t really get more of it and I
also think it feeds the ability to get
all of those other resources and that
one resource that I think is so
important is our time with every second
that passes by with every hour that
passes by with every day that passes by
that’s inventory that we will never have
again now we have as much as we have
however long we’re on this earth that’s
what we have in terms of time and so the
idea of being careful with our time
being conservative with how we spend our
time doing certain things not wasting
our time whatever that is to you
and creating a situation where we have
the time that we need to do the things
that are most productive and most
restorative to our being that’s
something that you really need to defend
you know you really need to be a hard
core about your time we feel crazy when
we’re someplace and it’s frustrating or
doing something and it’s just not
working we feel like we’re wasting our
time right so I think that the things
that you can do to save time effectively
without harming the integrity of what
you’re trying to accomplish if you can
figure out how to fill out a form faster
by using auto population as it just as
an example or you figure out a really
easy way to get your books done your
checkbook balance at the end of the
month whatever it is whatever those
those things aren’t plenty of things
that we talk about in the world of
voiceover saving time doing audio book
narration saving time doing the
execution of auditions etc time is
always the thing that helps us get more
money that helps us build better
relationships we have the time to create
those relationships and to nurture them
time is on our side when it comes to
technology if we use the technology
that’s presented to us we’ll get more
useful life out of it if we start
earlier in that technologies process and
availability then we will if we wait I’m
gonna wait until everybody else makes
all the errors right you give up a lot
of productivity and time that you can
spend with that particular tech helping
you do these other things I just think
the time is an amazing resource and we
sometimes don’t think very much about
how we have a certain amount of time in
our inventory we can’t get more of it we
can only lose less of it does that make
sense tell me if you agree and I will
tell you this I’m going to spend a lot
of time in these videos these once-a-day
videos this year helping you conserve
all of your resources
but more importantly conserve and manage
and effectively use your time I promise
you that so let me know in the comments
below what you think I appreciate you
watching these videos if you want to
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click on that frame and YouTube will
play it for you I’m David H Lawrence the
17th I so appreciate you watching these
videos and being with me every day and I
will talk to you tomorrow



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