The Raw Power Of Storytelling

Hey, there!

You know how I harp in class about being a story teller. Always.

Here’s why.

Really short, but really powerful. I love being a story teller.

And I love that you, my friend, are a story teller, too.

Let me know your thoughts. Comment below, or pop me an email.

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Hope this helps.



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  1. I have seen this video many, many times. And I always watch it again, because it makes me feel real. A tear comes to my emotional eye each time. So true and a generous sharing of “seeing” the big picture.

  2. This video renews my faith in people. It is amazing not only in the change in words on the man’s sign, but what the example of one compassionate person can do! So one person can change the course of things.

  3. This gives me goosebumps and vividly demonstrates how important words are to touching peoples’ hearts. The simple things make profound human connections.

  4. Words are powerful, that is why some seek to distort or co-op their meaning. Beware of those who attempt to seduce by utterly changing the the foundational meaning of a word long respected. In example, the word Liberal in the 19th Century meant freedom for the individual by limiting the scope, size and power of the government. Today it has been perverted to mean that “right thinking” people embrace the notion of a strong central government that the individual yields his or her rights to.