0050: The One Strategy To Really Make A New Habit Stick



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

It’s only the second week in January as I record and release this episode, and already, over half of the people who have tried to form a new habit this New Year…

…have failed.

They had all the best intentions, but they missed one awesome approach that might have helped them, according to Atomic Habits author James Clear.

I’ll let you know what that one approach is in this podcast, plus some bonus self-talk from his book. And here’s the link to his article:


I’ve certainly managed to miss this concept over the years. Might this also be you? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This is by far, the best piece of advice and consult regarding who we are now, vs who we want to be..and who we are already becoming…Good for 2022, and all the years ahead.

  2. Exactly!! mindset really helps. I also like the WHY and I not trying to focus on breaking any or labeling any habits as “bad”. I now look at them as “moving me closer to what I want or moving me further away from it” and I focus on success rather than failure. The fabulousapp has been super great for me over the last year. SO much so that I didn’t go into the new year with any new resolutions because I’m on a path and I’m building habits that suit me… so I’m in “keep doing more of what you are doing mode” <3