The Lost Keys And The Microphone In My Elevator

Hey there!

I had a very random encounter with one of my neighbors recently that left me chuckling.

It seems like everyone has a podcast. And you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

How are those two things related? Here’s how.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and today I want to tell you something
just happened to me I just got back from
an audition and I was coming up from my
car and as I walked toward the elevator
I noticed that a lady that I’d seen
around the building that I live in for a
while now with her two cute little
puppies they’re not really puppies
they’re older dogs but I see them all
the time they’re so sweet nice older
lady um
you know I would think she’s a grandma I
don’t know um but I wouldn’t think that
she was doing you know this
she had the garbage can she had her
friend with her and she had the garbage
can that’s right by the garage or right
by the the elevator disassembled she had
the big heavy metal top off of it and
she was diving through all the trash and
I was thinking man what you know she’s
not you know looking for cans for for
the deposits is she you know and it
turns out what happened is she left her
keys in her mailbox and she thought and
when she came back to you to go do
something she came back I don’t know why
she did that but she they weren’t there
and she thought maybe she had dropped
them in the trash or whatever I think
that’s what was going on and I mentioned
to her that our building now has a
concierge and that she can go and talk
to her and see if maybe somebody turned
them in you know kind of like a lost and
found thing and she’s like oh I didn’t
know that so the elevator was right
there we were going up the elevator her
and her friend and we’re going upstairs
and I hadn’t noticed what she was
carrying until we got into the elevator
is literally one floor
she had in her hand a fairly expensive
microphone a pop filter and an XLR cable
and it was all kind of jumbled together
and I thought you know I just mentioned
casual what are you ari are you
interviewing somebody are you you’re
bringing equipment to your your kids for
them to do something and she’s like and
we were getting off the elevator as she
said casually no we do a podcast
and I was like wow okay I I didn’t she
was on a mission to go find her keys I
didn’t have the opportunity to ask her I
will in the future but I was just like
sort of dumbstruck I had this big grin
on my face like oh that’s great because
the microphone was not like a like an
sm57 you know a $50 microphone that
you’d use onstage and you could hammer
nails into the floorboards on the stage
with it it was a it was an electro voice
and Evie and it was and it was you know
an RA 20 it was pretty expensive so and
I thought to myself the only interaction
that I’ve had with this woman in the
time that I’ve known her in our building
is you know the dozen or two dozen or
however many times I’ve seen her in the
elevator with her dogs and I’ve thought
to myself oh what a sweet sweet woman
and the dogs are really sweet at no
point and she said it’s our podcast so
she and her friend do this podcast so at
some point when I see her in the
elevator again I’m gonna ask her what’s
your podcast about I didn’t say anything
about the fact that I teach voiceover or
that I have new podcasting classes that
we just added to the vo to gogo
curriculum this past fall um you know it
wasn’t my story at that point she needed
to get her keys and I wanted to know
more about what was going on and I’ll
catch up with her but what I thought as
I walked to my condo was how odd it is
sometimes the impression that we have of
people I just thought she was a sweet
lady probably you know did books for
somebody or you know was a customer
service person or maybe retired I didn’t
know but it the way she said it was the
best part it’s like oh we do a podcast
you know really proud and I thought to
myself five years ago 10 years ago I’m
pretty sure she would be asking what’s a
podcast rather than saying oh we do a
it’s amazing how big podcasting has
become and I mean as I look around me
I’m surrounded by performers so a lot of
the people that I know do podcasts a lot
of my students and clients do podcast
but this is somebody totally random you
know she walks her dogs twice a day
she’s like you know I don’t think she I
see her during the day so I don’t think
she goes to an actual day job and I am
fascinated by the idea that she’s using
fairly good equipment she has a pop
filter so somebody has kind of coached
her anyway the whole the whole thing was
it was kind of like you know you get in
the elevator with somebody and they go
yeah I’m professional football player
they don’t look anything like a
professional football player or there
you go yeah I’m a machine shop operator
and they don’t look like they would know
the first thing about a lathe or about a
punch press or what you know and it was
just so odd to me I I wonder sometimes
about the people around us and our
impressions of them and the impressions
that people have of me and you like have
you had let me know in the comments
below if this happened to you how many
times has happened where when you tell
somebody what you do they’re really
surprised because you don’t look like an
actor or a voice-over talent what does
an actor or voice-over talent look like
you know I can’t tell you the number of
times in my life when somebody asks me
what I do and I say I’m an actor and
they go really and I’m in Los Angeles
it’s like every other person is an actor
so why would it be such a surprise I
think part of you know it’s this
gorgeous face it doesn’t you know I’m
not I’m not a lead actor I’m a character
guy and I’m a creepy evil villain but
that book by its cover thing you know
judging a book by its cover it just
struck me again as something that we
really need to watch and be careful of
right so let me know what kind of
experience you’ve had with that and let
me know if you want me to ask that lady
what her podcast is about listen I
really appreciate you being a part of
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videos like this come out we’re doing
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it’ll play for you I’m David H Lawrence
the 17th I so appreciate you watching
these you’re really helping me out I’ll
talk to you tomorrow



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  1. Love this story! I get that kind of “oh, really?” reaction a lot, especially at my Hideous Survival Job. Apparently, I don’t look like I can do ANYTHING creative, especially sing (though I did make $12 in tips singing at the Hideous Survival Job the Sunday before Xmas, but that’s another story…). Yes, do ask her what her podcast is all about, and share it with us here and on the Facebook page. As Rocky once said, “you’ve got me curious…”

  2. Definitely need to know your neighbor’s podcast now!! Please update us when you know.
    For me, I usually get the “Oh? You work in voice over? Where have I heard you?” Or, “I should try that…” because they think it’s the easiest thing in the world to do!
    I just give them a link for VO2gogo and wish them
    all the best. I know that what we do is amazing and the greatest work I could imagine!
    Best part is that by looking at me, -it looking at ANYONE – you judge the book by its cover. But in VO, I can play the disgruntled woman from Brooklyn, a snarky 15 year old with attitude or an evil wicked witch…anything is possible. On camera work: I’m mom, the PTA chairman, the nurse. VO let’s us play in different realms and it’s spectacular.

  3. I was a professional wrestler for 4 months. I wasn’t on tv but I was paid to wrestle at a couple local events. People are usually pretty surprised considering I’m 5’10” and 155 lb soaking wet. Thanks for the video David.

  4. I love how you are using everyday moments to create these messages. I can’t wait to hear what her Podcast is about! When I would tell people that I’m a massage therapist their eyes would begin to spiral and a touch of drool would trickle from the corner of their mouth as they immediately forgot about having a conversation and started dreaming of having a massage. When I tell them I’m an actor or that I’m narrating audiobooks they seem curious. Mostly people are surprised that I have a couple of significant tattoos. I guess I don’t look “the type”.

  5. I was laughing over this post because I kept thinking that maybe she is a former actor-turned-voice over artist who teaches podcasts and my imagination went wild with all the types of podcast she could be doing or teaching…

    When I go out for auditions and the casting director will sometimes ask “tell us something we would never guess about you” and I tell them that I used to road race motorcycles…that usually gets a raised eyebrow or two.

    Loving your podcast with your pearls of wisdom and observation. I definitely want to know more about this woman in your building now!