0039: The 3 Biggest Fears We Have When Starting Something New (And How To Kill Them)



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

I just wrapped up registration for the new VOHeroes Pro training (unless you could use a payment plan, the registration is now closed). That means a lot of people are now going on a brand new adventure with me.

Whenever you start something new and exciting, there can be, and often is, a strong feeling of fear, dread, concern…along with the newness and exciting feelings.

But how we deal with that fear can go a long way to helping us succeed at this new endeavor.

Let’s talk about the biggest fears we often have…and how to vanquish them.

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  1. David,

    This video is awesome! I still have fears but knowing that I can count on you and the VOHeroes family to assuage my fears and I learn more about VO in the process, I am so glad I became a VOHeroes Pro!

    Mary Z.

  2. REALLY, REALLY liking this podcast on 3 Greatest Fears! SO important to know and very encouraging! Just start the VOHeroes program last month and this is just what I needed to hear! Discussed this at our family Thanksgiving dinner lol..! Thank you!