Taking Advantage Of The Wisdom Of The Tribe

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I often get emails from clients, students and others, asking questions of me privately. And I always respond the same way:

“This is a great question to ask in our private Facebook group. Always post your VO-related questions in the VO2GoGo Pro Connect Facebook group first, unless it’s personal and confidential. That way, when I answer, others will benefit as well, and should I be delayed in responding, your other Pros are there to help you.”

And there are several reasons why I do this, all of which can benefit you personally.

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In this really quick (just 5 minutes long) video, I talk about all the advantages of going public with your questions, even when it might be a challenge to do so.

Let me know what issues you’ve managed to solve by using the wisdom of the tribe. Tell me when you’ve been one of those tribe members offering solutions and support. Do so in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

Hope that helps!


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Hey there, it’s David H Lawrence 17th. And today I want to talk to you about I got it. I got an email the kind of prompted
this but I want to talk to you about.
What I call the wisdom of the tribe.
All of you who are watching this video no matter what point you are in your journey, you’re learning things. You’re
learning new ways of doing things you’re learning.
The first ways of doing things in some cases.
And it’s been proven time and time again, you can look it up. The internet is never wrong.
it’s been proven time and time again that
the best way to learn something
Is to learn it and then immediately teach it to others.
And it’s something that I do all the time. If I don’t know how to do something. I’ll figure it out and then I’ll
immediately do something to teach others.
And I got a note from somebody one of my newest Pros.
And she had a question about something having to do with voice over with her audacity or something.
And I have a standard response when somebody sends me an email.
It just comes to me asking me a question.
Usually I’ve answered it already in a web post or in a video like this.
But what I really want them to do especially cuz they’re pros and they have access to the proconnect live.
Facebook group
It’s a private group just for my Pros. I have an auto response that says hey, this is a great question to ask in the
Facebook group.
That way couple things.
First of all, if I’m not able to get to it right away somebody else in the group may know the answer already because I’ve
given it to them or they’ve learned it.
And they can respond.
And that’s taking advantage of the wisdom of the tribe.
You’ll get a number of different options on that answer. You know, it’s best if your answers a question about opinion.
Oh, by the way, they’re doing some work and the building. So there’s there’s no noise going on but
Hope it’s not too distracting.
but more importantly the wisdom of the tribe and
Asking people to ask those questions in front of the tribe is kind of like if you go back to you know, a traditional
tribes where someone go to the tribal Elder and ask a question in private with a private audience.
It’s better in most cases. Other than when it’s really personal stop.
To ask in front of the group.
That way not only will you get the group’s wisdom the wisdom of the tribe?
But people who may have had the same question may have thought about the same question will get the question answered for
them and maybe they thought they knew the answer to the question. But when you ask in front of the tribe, and you asked
the tribe and you ask the elders as well, you know, and yes, I am the Elder in this in this scenario. I am the dog in this
You get none only to share that with the whole group of the whole group gets to benefit from the answer.
And so there’s time involved. There’s experience involved. It’s always better to take advantage of the wisdom of the tribe
and that’s why I respond.
the way I do now in your life, you can say things like a maybe be great if we talk about this tonight at dinner in front
of family, or
You know, maybe we should bring this up in the weekly meeting that we have at your day job at work.
but whatever it is, it always seems to me that you know, one of the things I say when I launch
Pro every year is find a friend
study with a friend join with a friend, you know, because
Being able to have a study partner being able to have somebody in the tribe that you can rely on somebody who might say
Hey, you know, they talked about that last week.
You might want to listen to the recording of the workout or whatever.
Having the ability to have other people around you to support you.
So that you can take advantage of the wisdom of the tribe.
is just an awesome benefit to being in a group like this, so
Next time you have the urge to send me an email if you’re special girl Pro.
I asked him in the Facebook group because I’ll probably answer.
But I want everybody to benefit both from the question.
And from the answers that that question generates.
Make sense. I hope so.
If you got any questions if you’ve been in a situation where you had something answered, but it’s been kind of in private
and you weren’t really sure about.
What did that was the right answer? You know, you go to some Facebook groups and only one person responds.
Anything that you’ve been able to manage to?
Take advantage of when more than one person chimes in. Maybe you’re one of more than one person.
You hear somebody answer a question. You going to a stop in my experience? I may just give you what I have.
Pop it in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you have to say about it.
And if you have any questions then has to do with this, please that’s a prime example other people will see them in the
comments below again taking advantage of the wisdom of the tribe.
You can subscribe to my channel just you know, click on my ugly mug over there.
And I also you can see the latest video that I’ve that I’ve uploaded.
Just click on that one right there, and I’m David H Lawrence to 17th. I thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you



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  1. Thanks again for these tips.
    I do have a question for the tribe and/or you. It is just a minor annoyance, but I have so many cords attached to my surge protector strip; mic, computer, adapter, lamp, etc. Does anyone have a handy dandy gadget or technique to tame that tangle of cords in my booth?

  2. Hey, there!

    This is a great question to ask in our private Facebook group. I’m sure other Pros have had cord management issues.

    As a VO2GoGo Pro, always post your VO-related questions in the VO2GoGo Pro Connect Facebook group first, unless it’s personal and confidential.

    That way, when I answer, others will benefit as well, and should I be delayed in responding, your other Pros are there to help you.


    Hope that helps!


  3. Another great piece of advice you gave when regarding posting questions to the Facebook group was to make sure that each question gets a separate post…and not lost in the comments!!