13139: Shouldn’t Simple Execution Be…Sexy?

Hey there, hero!

We spend an awful lot of time planning to get stuff done.

Making to-do lists and setting up calendars and workflows and then analyzing if we were on target or need to adjust things.

And there are all kinds of apps and processes (hello, Ivy Lee Method) for getting all those best-laid plans squared away.

But what about the fairly minor moments, where we simply execute those plans?

How come they don’t get the fanfare they deserve? How come they’re not the sexy part of the workflow?

And guess what most people don’t ever get around to? Yeah. That.

Maybe you think like I do? Watch or listen to this episode, then let me know in the comments.

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  1. Yes! Doing the thing!
    “Are you doing the stuff that you need to do to do the stuff that you need to do?”
    You are such a delightful model of someone who does the thing. Thanks!