Should I voice childrens and non-fiction audiobooks?

Hey, there!

I know that fiction is the biggest main category of books on ACX, and it’s what all the other VO teachers teach, but is that all there is?


Should I look to audition for other categories of books?


Yes, you should.

Fiction isn’t the only broad category of books that you can audition for and narrate on ACX (and for the offline audiobook production houses). At last count, a full 22% of the books available on ACX for production were non-fiction, and another 12% were children’s books.

These are often shorter books, with less time spent producing and an often larger fan base for the authors and rights holders – meaning more money for royalty split and stipend books.

Plus – it’s fun. Who wouldn’t like to read a book to a kid? Or to an entrepreneur?

So don’t pass those categories by when you go looking for auditions on

Hope this helps.



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  1. One of the best parts of being a dad was reading to my kids. They still talk about me reading the whole Harry Potter series them, complete with voices and (bad) accents. : )