“Serves You Right!” She Actually Has No Idea How Right.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Hey there!

Just got an unsubscribe from someone who left me a note on the way out the door. “Great! Unsubscribed! That’s what you want, isn’t it? Serves you right!”

I’m not sure if that subscriber knew just how accurate her statement was.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Hi, DHLXVII. Yes, for sure I’m on too many lists (who in our day isn’t?). But yours is certainly not one I would consider leaving. Despite my being involved in one aspect or another of this business since the 1980s (I was a NYC-market FM morning-drive personality for a little while, and left that biz voluntarily), you consistently give me new things to think about, and new, useful information to consider and implement (like your file naming convention). May seem small, but as a tech/computer geek myself (my *bread trade* over the years), I’m genuinely interesting in these things, and they *are* helpful. I hope soon to semi-retire, and give up the soul-sucking money job, and do VO full-time for a while before finally retiring altogether. My only regret is that sometimes I want to respond to a Daily Tips VO, and can’t align my thoughts, or find the time or the words to do so. I do like participating.

    As for the rest, I have created rules to route many email senders to a “Quarantine” folder, where I can look through them, but if I’m honest, I seldom do. Others I have configured to limit how many times they email me, and when the didn’t honor that, entirely unsubscribed.

    Many thanks, again, for this service. It serves us well.

  2. I have to admit that I’m on a couple lists that have to do with on-camera work that I’m not really engaged in. Because I was cast in something recently I feel an obligation to try and pursue on-camera work, while at the same time I wasn’t really pursuing it very strongly when I got booked. Part of me wants to go back to making on-camera a very part time thing while I focus on voice-over and starting a family with my wife, and part of me says, “Put all kinds of effort into getting on-camera work now or you’ll be missing out!” I go back and forth about it quite often. Thanks for the video David.

  3. Every quarter or so I review my inbox to see how many useless lists I’m on and do a quick cull, by unsubscribing ;), using the unsubscribe link in the e-mail. I’m an admin-type so this works for me. You have not made it to the cull, nor are you likely to because you either: teach, entertain or inform me on something that I am very keen on learning about. Appreciate all you do!! K

  4. I am on way too many lists. Now and then I take the time to unsubscribe from the lists that don’t seem to be adding anything to my life. For some of them, if they said “Unsubscribe now” I might actually respond by unsubscribing with a private thank-you thought for the reminder.

    I am on this list because although daily emails and videos are not something I want to sign up for indefinitely, this is for a year and it has so far turned out to be worthwhile. The videos are short and to the point and I like that. You have certainly made your brand known to me (which I didn’t know before) and I might be inclined to subscribe/enroll/join some of your services in the future – so that seems to be worthwhile to you as well.

    (Some of the lists don’t seem to respond to my “Unsubscribe”. After a couple of tries, they do get marked as spam and all the badness I hope that brings to them. But at that point, they asked for it.)

    1. To answer your question, I usually outlast my lists; in other words they go away before I lose interest. There have been a few subscribes that are lingering, in which I no longer have interest. Those were usually friends or colleagues whom I wished to support.

      As for you, David, I usually find your stuff quite valuable (you do give away a lot of milk) and intend to keep subscribing.

  5. Hello David,
    I am on more lists than I wish to be.
    It seems that when I unsubscribe, the same people pop into my mail box under a different name!
    Other than that, I am delighted to be on your list.
    You would have to ‘unsubscribe’ me: it is the only way that you will get rid of me!
    I do hope that you won’t do it, though.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    ‘See’ you tomorrow via your camera!