Seek/Give Mentorship That’s Appropriate To The Journey

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Hey there!

I recently did a Quora Session, which is kind of like an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Quorans ask questions, and the Session guest answers based on their career/life experience.

One of the questions I answered was “Want to Be a Better Public Speaker? Here’s How You Should Prepare for Your Next Gig,” and apparently, the folks at Inc. Magazine liked it so much that they republished it.

What I think made it interesting is that it wasn’t just a simple guide, but my answer answered another bigger question: what kind of a public speaker are you now?

And that makes all the difference in the world as to how I’d guide you on how to be a better speaker. Here’s what I mean…

Hope this helps!



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  1. Absolutely! You’ll always get a better reception, and be more helpful, if you consider where your audience—even an audience of one—is coming from.

  2. Good advice. I’ll have to remember this. Thanks for the video David.