13183: Scheduling Success (Or Failure)

Hey there, hero!

One of the most satisfying things that can happen to us is that all goes according to plan.

That you set up a process, and you follow the path, you execute the steps, and it works out perfectly.

But ask yourself: how often does that really happen? Not very often, if at all, I would think.

It’s really difficult, given all the variables in life, and especially in the performing arts, to set everything up to occur on a particular date and time. And that can be really frustrating, as there are bills to pay and obligations to meet that other people seem to put on the calendar for us.

A quick mindset shift for you in this episode: how to be at peace with not having your successes (or failures) timed out to a particular moment, and how to prepare for the ups and the downs.

Can you find joy in the random nature of the timing of your results, good or bad? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Attitude toward life and its events are key. The reminder offered by you here is so perfect right now. I always try to ask what is the lesson here for me- more with disappointment than success- though there are lessons in each. Thank you, David for your insights and willingness to share.