Ready, Shoot…Aim

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I’m a big fan of Tom Peters, and one of the things I learned from him directly was the notion of “ready, shoot, aim.”

When you’re learning something, or getting better at something you already know, taking that approach can be a lot more effective than “aiming perfectly.”

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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and I’ve got a special two-part video I
don’t know whether you’ll be able to see
them in order but I’ll just refer to
them as thing 1 and thing 2 now that’s
been done already I want to talk to you
about a fairly large subject matter it’s
got a lot of different angles to it
I’m a big big fan of Tom Peters he wrote
a lot of really great business books in
the 80s I had an opportunity to learn
from him when he was brought in as a
consultant at the company that I was
working at and one of the things that he
did in his quest to find companies that
really worked well that the the staff
was really on top of things great
customer service that was a big part of
what he had to do what he had to say and
that customer service is you know from
one of the other videos isn’t just about
the people that consume the product or
service that you put out it’s about
everybody around you that you treat as a
customer well one of the things that
really well-run companies and
organizations do is instead of the
typical ready aim shoot they do ready
shoot aim and they do it for a couple of
reasons the first reason of which is it
actually gets something out into the
marketplace to see if it works and
that’s a big hurdle for a lot of people
to get to use a performer might be like
I’m not really ready to to do that
particular content get it done well
enough to let anybody else see it so I’m
not gonna do it I’m just gonna yeah
ready aim aim aim maybe I’ll shoot now
I’m gonna aim a little more right you
probably have had that feeling at some
point in time I know I have and it took
some stuff to get over it and so when
you’re learning something or when you’re
getting better at something that you
already know how to do and you’re
getting ready to I mean as an example
let the public know about your ability
to sing or your ability to act or your
ability to voice certain categories of
work maybe your demos or
it doesn’t really matter what it is but
if you’re in process of doing something
the approach of doing it and then seeing
how things happened with that you know
what worked what didn’t and then
iterating a little bit and then doing it
again really works and it’s not just us
that can benefit from this or the
companies that do this I mean even
sharpshooters who actually do aim at
something and shoot at it they
constantly make adjustments between
shots they actually are doing ready
shoot aim shoot aim shoot aim ready
shoot aim they’re looking at the wind
and they’re getting notes from their
spotter and they’re looking at
obstructions and moving targets and
obstacles in the way even heat can
affect a long distance shot and so
they’re constantly seeing what happened
and then making adjustments so think
about possibly doing instead of ready
aim shoot ready shoot aim do something
then see how you did then aim a little
better and do it again and we’re gonna
talk more about this in the next video
that I do about how to actually affect
this and a process that tech companies
use to do this all the time if you have
any questions about this if this doesn’t
make sense to you or if you’re thinking
to yourself you know what nobody is
gonna see my ability to tap dance until
I am ready okay I get that put it in the
comments below let me know what you have
to say about this let me know what
happens in your life that you think oh I
just can’t I don’t want to let people
see this yet and what would happen would
be the worst thing that could happen if
you did and tell people I’m still
learning right let me know in the
comments below the comments are just
great I get comments all the time from
people that are asking questions and
I’ll deal with those in upcoming videos
happy to do so and I get notes from
people reconnecting with people that I
haven’t seen in a long time or old
clients who’ve found these videos that
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that frame right there I’m David H
Lawrence the 17th I so appreciate you
watching these and I will talk to you



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  1. Oh boy, what a great topic! I’d not heard it put this way. I wonder about the things I’ve missed out on by constant aim-tweaking before taking that shot. While I resonate with it I wonder about the balance, one doesn’t want to shout themselves in the foot by jumping in without any prep….I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts on that….