0035: Radical Self-Care: Getting Started With Coach Karen-Eileen



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

Your friendly neighborhood rainbow encrusted unicorn VOHeroes coach, Karen-Eileen Gordon, will be a featured speaker at VO Atlanta over the next week or so.

You should consider attending this virtual event! It’s going to rock. Here’s a link:

https://vms.swoogo.com/voa21/ (be sure to join the event, then look for her session and join that)

Coach K-E will be speaking on a subject she rocks the house at: self-care. This is taking care of you and your instrument, health and wellness-wise. And her version is RaDiCaL!

If you want more of her gooey goodness, do sign up for her VOHeroes workout this or any other month.


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  1. Hi there, Karen-Eileen:) Much gratitude for your awesome Radical Self-Care video! I loved every minute!