Please Unsubscribe From This List

Hey, there!

Please go away. I would like you to unsubscribe from this list.

Really and truly, I would – IF this every-so-often missive is finding its way into your inbox, but you find you’re not opening it, or you don’t find it useful, by all means. Unsubscribe.

Here’s why.

(First, though, I want you to understand that for those of you who really like the 60 SECONDS list, that get value from it, and that look forward to it, rather than feeling like I’m clogging your inbox, then please stay with me. And you can move on to the next email in your inbox, or the next article on the VO2GoGo site you want to read.)

But if you’re not getting any value from the newsletter, or don’t remember signing up for it, or don’t really care about this stuff anymore, that’s OK. I understand, and I want to help you have a cleaner inbox.

You might be saying to yourself, “Is David crazy? I LOVE the 60 SECONDS newsletter! Why would I unsubscribe?” If so, thank you. I love you for that.

Here’s why I want you to unsubscribe if it’s not useful to you:

Lots of people who use email to stay in touch with customers and clients and students and friends, like I do, want to build the biggest list possible. They think that the more people they have on the list, the better.

I don’t.

I want the most relevant list possible, with people who really care about voiceover, acting, performance, storytelling and technology, and who benefit from this information. And if that means fewer people, great – less wear and tear on my server’s hard drive. And I don’t want to clog anyone’s inbox with unnecessary clutter. It can actually reflect badly on me – “there’s that stupid David H. Lawrence XVII sending me email again,” even though you actually asked, and then confirmed, that you wanted to be on the list.

Believe me. It happens. I could show you a few venom-filled emails.

And I also value a certain metric of success called the “open rate.” This is the percentage of people who open the emails I send. On average, you’re doing well if between 3% and 5% of the people who have signed up for your list actually read the messages.

My open rate traditionally is around 55%.

And I want to make it even higher, because that’s the kind of hairpin I am.

So, really. No hard feelings if this list isn’t for you. Just click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of this email, and you’ll be instantly unsubscribed.

And if you want to stick around, that’d be great as well.

Hope this helps.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. Hey David…just so you know, I read 100% of your emails. Not surprised? No it’s not because I’m German. There is actually a lot of great stuff in there.

    For example, I got a new computer with a Windows 8 OS. Of course there is a lot of downloading and transferring files etc. When it came time to download the Levelator, the site told me that it was not compatible with Windows 8 and therefore I couldn’t download it. However, when I used the link that you provided in your recent post entitled “LEVELATOR”, low and behold the program downloaded with no problem. So thanks for that. BUT…there is more. A day or two before you posted that Levelator article, I was getting ready to submit an audition to ACX and wanted to compress the mp3. Damn, no Levelator. Then I remembered that some time ago you posted an article in SOVO in which you explained how to do the same thing that the RMS process does in Pro-Tools in audacity.
    I looked through my Google archives and…there was the article with all the details. So thanks for that too…and the suggestion to store things as a PDF in Google Mail for free.

    So to make a long story short, I not only read your stuff, but I use it. So there…feel better.

    Anyway, thanks for all your efforts. Bob

  2. Very happy to be a part of your email gang! You give incredible advice and I open it all the time – awa save it to my VO file!

    You go guy!

    btw – just got a 2011 -27″iMac – to replace my oooold, limping MBP – love it so far!

    1. Please keep me on the list. LOVE this newsletter! And still saving it to my VO folder! Thanks for all the hard work and your giving heart! <3

  3. David: I read everyone of your emails. Then I move them to a folder that is designated just for VO2GOGO file. The technical info is great. I find myself saving the emails that have victory stories of other VO actors that I find so encouraging.

  4. David: The email about the DIY Studio alone is worth the price of admission. Which I guess is actually nothing. Well, it’s worth 10 times the price of admission. Hmmmm…never mind. The 60 second emails are great stuff.

  5. If you think you are getting rid of me that easy, well…nice try! I love your e-mails. Do I see all of them, no – do I see most of them? Yes. Do I learn something from each and every one? Un-huh. Thank you by the way.

  6. Agreed!! Thank you very much for this free source of brilliant info!

    I wouldn’t unsubscribe if you paid me to! (…we’ll maybe if you paid me, but it’d have to be a lot!!)

    But seriously, thank you!!

  7. Unsubscribe!? Never! Thank you so much for all your help so far as I venture into the world of audio books. You have been enormously generous with your time and you never stop amazing me with your wealth of knowledge and the speediness of your responses to my email queries!

  8. Thanks for getting my attention. “We need an eye catcher!” ~ quote from some comedy show, I think Eddie Murphy stand up.

    I must admit I don’t read the news letter as often as I should or as often as I would like. I’m signed up for a few and I have time for none really. I’m stuck in a catch 22 of no time (or money) to pursue the career right now since I’m spending all my time in survival mode with my current work and financial situation and I know if I could dedicate more to the pursuit I might be more successful at it.

    But I keep myself on all these email lists for notifications and newsletters to remind me to keep going and keep trying so that I have the list of resources at my fingertips whenever I do get a spare moment or a spare dollar to invest in myself and my dream.

    So, sorry I don’t read more often, but not sorry for staying on the list. 🙂 And looking forward to possibly hanging out again when the events and schedules permit.

    cioa 4 now

  9. I LOVE your emails, David, look forward to them and miss them when there are longer spaces in between postings… please keep me on the list. 🙂

  10. I would unsubscribe but I forgot how to, besides I’m waiting for another one of your posts from Pixar. Oh, who am I kidding, you always have valuable information for the VO masses. On that note, have a great day Dave.

  11. To paraphrase Charleton Heston, “You can unsubscribe me when you pry my 60 Seconds from my cold, dead hand!”

  12. I wouldn’t have the success I’ve had in audiobooks if it wasn’t for you!! It’s always appreciated to have new info or review things I’ve read/seen before. I’m here to stay 🙂

  13. I enjoy and appreciate the e-mail’s .I’m late at times getting to them but I do read ,save and take notes.They have guided me several times in learning the VO business.Please keep them comming !

  14. It is always a pleasure to receive your e-mails. In fact, I have A special folder designated specifically to save Your e-mails for future reference in case I or someone else I know needs help with something you have discussed. I don’t know how you find the time in your busy schedule to share so much information with us. It renews my faith in humanity to know that there are still some good people around. Thank you again!

  15. Hi David,
    Thanks for the offer. I would rather unsubscribe, but I’m afraid I’d miss something valuable, which is most of what you have to say. So sorry, I’ll have to decline.

  16. I’ve been on the other side of the world — in Thailand. Just recovering from being back. NEED your mentoring and your emails.

    Andi Hicks

  17. Where else can we get outstanding advice, encouragement and inspiration from a VO coach who really cares?
    You better believe I’m in that 55%. Of course we need your stuff, David. Bring it on!

  18. I always read your newsletters and find them valuable. I get two emails for each newsletter — one from VO2GoGo :60 SECONDS and one from the Facebook group VO2GoGo Pro Connect. I should probably unsubscribe from one of them. Which would you rather I unsubscribe from, David?

  19. I LOVE the emails! I will admit, I have quite a few unopened, but I always love seeing them in my inbox and then go through a whole “binge opening”. I think your advice is so honest and I always appreciate it. Keep them coming!

  20. Not sure why my first post isn’t showing up, but just wanted to thank you for your exceptionally valuable articles.

  21. J. Michael, when I first read the email lead, I thought I’d done something wrong and you wanted to get rid of me! Glad that wasn’t it, though. I really get a lot from your tips, tidbits and wisdom.

  22. You’ve got some great stuff, David and I’ve got a “cool stuff” folder full of vo2gogo to prove it!

  23. When I first saw the title of the article in my inbox I thought, “oh no! Someone hacked my account, posted some spam, and David is asking me personally to unsubscribe!” I was relieved after opening it, to say the least! Then, after I finished reading, was reminded once again why I am thankful to have you as a mentor. The no nonsense nature of this particular article makes me want to stay subscribed even more. I find tremendous value in the knowledge you share, and I hear the challenge you present to subscribers to be artists who do not just hear the words, but put them to action. I’m in David. Thank you.

  24. David,
    You are by far the most creative and effective marketeer I know! Today your slightly provocative, reverse psychology newsletter approach has put a big smile on my face!! Fun!

    Perhaps your ears are burning? Just yesterday at a VO event Everett organized in Burbank, I was speaking with Patti from Voices Anonymous. In tandem, we exclaimed accolades on how much value your approach to the VO business helps VO artists, who want to know more and marveled at how much we gain from your straight-talk candor.
    With great appreciation!

  25. Unsubscribe? Never ever! I look for them and file them in my special “go to” folder for look-ups. Best advice ever arrives in my in box from you.
    I also went through your webinars on iacting studio website, which are awesome!
    Thank you for all you do for the VO industry.

  26. I absolutely love your emails and get so much valuable info from them! I don’t get the chance to read all of them, but most of them and keep printed copies of a lot of them. So, keep me on your list, David! They are great!

  27. David, Please keep me on the list. Admittedly, I don’t get to my mail from you daily… I have a tendency to read a bunch at once when I have some quiet time to myself because I want to concentrate on each one instead of flying thru the info. I’m not narrating right now due to some vocal cord issues, but I’m still in the game (I hope).

  28. David

    Please keep me on your list. I always look forward to your emails. There’s always something helpful that I can use now, or at least, keep in mind for future use. Thank you!

  29. i’m with those that don’t (at this particular juncture in my life) have time to read the emails when they come in,
    but i do find them valuable, and like to read them when i can!
    Thanks for all you do David, and all you share with those who Care.
    Warm Regards,

  30. Hello David,

    I have read most of your e-mails. I do not read them every day, though. My reading them is sporadic. Please keep me on your list.
    Many thanks for sending them.

  31. david,
    i love that you repeat the ‘pixar 22 rules of storytelling.’ these have been my go-to for insight and knowledge. know that your insight makes a difference in the most positive way. keep sending those emails. they–and you–are invaluable.

    my best to you.