Please Don’t Use Reviews As Weapons

Hey there, hero!

It’s easy to toss out a critical review.

This has only happened to me a couple of times, but it’s destructive…and you might not be aware that it is.

I’m talking about complaining in a review about something that you really need support with.

Please don’t do what I describe in this video.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Hi. David,
    I’ve been in customer service for several years. You try your best to help and support your customers. Sometimes, that means letting them know they are wrong. You can’t serve them properly if you let them think they are right all of the time! They won’t learn otherwise.

  2. I think I see what might have happened to this individual. Due to the fact they have a new e-mail address I’ll bet that your reply to them ended up in a Spam filter. I have to check mine daily and I once pulled out a lead for a well paying contract job in my previous profession. Checking the Spam filter resulted in my getting that job. I hope this is helpful.

  3. I think you did the right thing, by explaining exactly what happened. It’s frustrating to have someone leave that kind of review before reaching out for help first. And she should have had the integrity to respond, or remove the review.

  4. Noteworthy comment below about spam filters….not sure why they put valid mail in the spam folder?

    I believe reviews can be used as a weapon ONLY WHEN THE COMPANY INVOLVED IS NOT RESPONDING OR ARE SCAM ARTISTS. If the company does respond with a suitable solution then it’s unconscionable to not modify the review!!!

  5. I feel your response was appropriate. I’m not one to leave negative reviews very often, and when I do, I contact the parties involved and do research to make sure I’ve covered my basis before leaving the review. Even then, I try to be diplomatic and choose my words carefully.

  6. Hi David, not sure if you can modify the reply or if it even matters, I did notice in your reply to her review that you noted:

    ‘until you did, Add New Script would work for you.’
    I think you meant ‘would not work’

    I’m thinking that your reply will probably sit there forever so I was thinking that you might want to fix that.

  7. I think you are correct and how you handled the situation
    was as you should. Complimenting services gives both parties
    a sense of accomplishment and further deepening of the relationship.
    That provides a win-win for both and I would think a more positive
    attitude to do business again for both parties. If the response is not acceptable
    usually further communication will resolve it equitably for both. Good Job David

  8. David. I can say that when I have had occasional accessing or usingVOHeroes or Rehearsal Pro, I have been so impressed by your almost immediate responses to my e-mails and the promptness with which the issues have been addressed and remedied. You are absolutely correct in your response to the Jennifer! Thank you for all you do!

  9. Doesn’t Apple have some sort of policy in place for devs and app owners to be able to challenge user reviews? It seems like you should have the option to present your case to Apple customer support, and let them decide whether or not the review was justified. And if it wasn’t, apple takes it down.

  10. As a former restaurant manager and retail manager – I can tell you that the customer is not always right. I have dealt with hundreds of people and many people take advantage of this old adage.
    Neither is the business always right.
    I have reviewed (honestly) restaurants , hotels and airlines, and I give the facts.
    i think your answer was fair, and unfortunately, the review wasn’t taken down or changed.