13159: Part 2 – NAVA’s Carin Gilfry On AI And Synthetic Voices

Hey there, hero!

We continue with the second of two episodes hearing from NAVA’s Carin Gilfry, and in this installment, she gets a bit more personal about her own decisions when it comes to AI, and in particular why she decided to take the plunge…

…and arrange to have her voice modeled for future AI and synthetic use.

You might be surprised that a talent would not only consider doing this, but following through on a smart, legal and ethical basis, with an eye toward future income from her modeled voice. Carin also discusses the ways that an AI version of her (and your) voice might even be preferable to the real (time) thing.

Got questions about keeping your voice safe from being ripped off? About Carin’s journey and arrangement with her modeled AI voice? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. David,
    With so much hand wringing over AI implications for the voice over community, good to hear a measured, intelligent conversation from you two. The more informed information the better.

  2. Thank you so much for this information!
    …I have been quite discouraged recently about A.I and some of the implications, (voice cloning/stolen voices etc.) and was wondering whether it’s worth the effort, time, training, and expense required to embark on a career in V.O. I have taken some training and have received encouragement about my V.O skills…I’ve decided to educate myself further re: A.I. (as I continue to develop more V.O skills).
    Thanks again !

  3. Hello David,
    The missing element to the Cs in your discussion is this: there will always be thieves who will use AI generated voices without the Cs especially as AI becomes less expensive and easier to use.
    An actor’s only recourse is to sue for damages. Good luck with that expensive process making lawyers rich not VO actors.

  4. Thank you for this information. It is nice to have a sane, calm discussion about possibilities, pitfalls, knowledge and where to find support.