Orange County VO Success

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Today, short and sweet. Here’s a great way to achieve success as a VO artist in Orange County, CA (or anywhere outside of LA, actually – Zoom is wonderful!).

Living outside a major metropolitan area like LA can have distinct advantages: less traffic, more trees, a bigger bang for your real estate dollar.

But it can also be isolating and harder to get VO work and training and support.

So. How does a resident of Orange County build a strong VO career?

If you don’t know about the OC VO Peeps organization, you should.

Anne Ganguzza runs a vibrant, enthusiastic voiceover networking group, comprised solely of Orange County VO artists, and makes a point of bringing in engaging and enlightening speakers and trainers for her monthly meetups.


I’ve had the pleasure of talking there about VO demos and storytelling, and the support from fellow OC residents and the sheer joy they have in being a part of the voiceover community was extraordinary.

[tweet_box]If you don’t know about the Orange County-based VO Peeps organization, get on the stick. Visit Anne Ganguzza’s ASAP![/tweet_box]

Get more details by dropping Anne an email at [email protected], or by visiting the OC VO Peeps website at

Hope this helps.



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  1. Anne Ganguzza has been my amazing VO coach and mentor for the several months, and just produced my commercial demo reel this past week! I have had the pleasure of being a member of VO peeps and listen to her amazing podcast, “VO Boss”! She is definitely a multi-faceted “voice” to the VO industry and works hard to see her “peeps” succeed, along with being a VO artist herself. Thank you for spotlighting this hard-working woman! She deserves it! ❤️