0068: One Very Basic Baby Task I Totally Forgot



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

In a recent episode, during my drive to make us all more awesome performers, I forgot a key element in a baby’s daily life.

The management regrets the error, and the employee involved will be given mandatory training and increased play time.

Does adding the element of play help? Is it something lacking in your daily to-do list? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. When I can’t do another thing, Netflix, HBO, BritBox and Hulu are my late night playtime, but I’m hoping to transition that to morning hikes instead.

  2. When I grew up it was writ that the only difference between adults and children was: Play.
    While that has somewhat changed over the years as Psychology has matured, I will take the safe bet that everyone here who may be happy-go-lucky, lighthearted and playful, or maybe a bit devilish, has been told, probably more than once, “Oh, grow up!”
    Having been the Class Clown, I can assure you it is a tough row to hoe. I can also attest it is lightens the load of everyday life and can also be rewarding.

  3. I have been sitting in a chair at night while my daughter falls asleep. I was trying to use that time to be productive. Then I decided to use that time for fun, because I deserve it. Now as she’s falling asleep I’m watching sci-fi short films on the YouTube channel Dust.

  4. Sometimes, I just have to step away and do something else. I may watch a show or play a game or walk. My dad used to say “Mary, if you get stuck just walk away and come back to it later”. He was a very wise man.