One Quick Question To Find Out How Important Something Actually Is

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Hey there!

It’s hard sometimes to get a handle on just how important something is that’s in your life.

How do you really know whether a habit, a product, a person, a direction, a commitment or any number of other aspects of your life are as important to you as you think they are?

Having a litmus test, a simple question you can ask and answer can make that judgment a lot easier, and prevent us from hanging on to things that we really don’t need.

And the good news is that it’s not a hard question to answer.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I think the toughest path is moderation. But once you get the hang of it, it may be the easiest long term solution.
    For example, it may be easier to cut out all carbs, or sweets, or whatever in the short term, but the desire may remain. This is why a lot of diets, or quitting smoking, etc. may fail. I try to find a path that doesn’t leave me completely without, but still satisfies.
    Chocolate is a perfect example. Rather than have a high-calorie option every day (which I’d love, but my health would not), I buy a bag of something small (like Hershey’s kisses)… then just have one. But savor it. Really take the time to enjoy it rather than rush through the experience. For me, that’s enough.
    Granted, there are some situations where moderation is not an option (such as alcohol or drugs).
    Overall, though, finding that long term moderate path has generally worked best for me.

  2. A great question to ponder. Thank you David. This brings to mind a question I kept asking myself a couple of years ago regarding food. The question to myself was “If I knew this food was killing me would I change what I eat?” To make it short, it was killing me and I did drastically change what I ate. What would my life be like without …..? Time to ruminate.

  3. Specifically about chocolate. I had a serious addiction (no exaggeration) to chocolate until this year when I learned about and dealt with a magnesium deficiency in my diet. I now find that it just tastes “ok” and is merely another flavor instead of being a primary food group.

    1. Melissa, that’s mine too! In my case it seems to be learned from my upbringing, which makes it a hard habit to break. But it’s not impossible!