One More Best-Of-Breed Way To Brilliantly Complain

Photo by from Pexels

Hey there!

One of the very first videos in this series dealt with my take on how you can be a world-class complainer.

I gave you three best practices for maximizing your success when posting in discussion groups.

In this video, I want to add one more crucial practice.

Hope this helps!



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  1. At my Hideous Survival Job, which is in the low end of retail, this is one of a multitude of things that make me nuts. I’ll get a customer asking me multiple questions about something they’re looking for, firing them off one right after the other before I can answer the first one. I have two options for responses: 1) which one would you like me to answer first?, and 2) saying something like “Yes, no, occasionally and yes in that order.”, depending on what they’re asking. Once I get them to slow down and focus, the exchange goes much better for both of us. Thanks for touching on this.

  2. This is the most useful piece of information that you’ve given me, that really hits home. I am not a mental problem solver, but am beginning to retrain my mind, make lists, and write it out so I understand what my question actually is before I ask for help.
    In writing lists, writing it down, it clears the panic, that overtakes me, and helps me see things more clearly.
    Thank you David.

  3. Excellent suggestion, one that I’ve tried to abide by over the years. Trying to unravel a series of responses to a multi-headed monster is a huge waste of time and unnecessary expenditure of intellectual prowess. It’s like trying to solve world peace in one thread. Can’t be done.