My Gear: Products I Use In My Voice Over Practice

Hey, there!

I’ve not only been asked countless times to recommend the microphones, computers, editing equipment and other technology I personally use, but have also written about the more mundane but really useful things I use (like my chair). One of my amazing Pros, Jonathan, suggested that I compile a list, and keep it updated, of those things I both recommend and use myself.

Not a bad idea.

Here you go: my entire home studio set-up, along with (mostly) Amazon links to get each of the items listed at a nice discount. Items are divided into major categories, like hardware, software, adapters and the like. I hope you find what you’re looking for here – if you don’t, leave me a comment below and I’ll post other items I use.


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  1. David, I believe that WD has dropped the “Ultra” line from it’s My Passport series. Is there some advantage to that older model?

      1. I really wanna see your equipment list! I’ve registered, changed browsers and rebooted and still cannot access the equipment tabs…any ideas?

  2. Perhaps a jumped conclusion, but Amazon gave me the “newer model” prompt several times to the newer non-ultra labeled lineup (grip-textured and more colors). It occurred to me that their might be some other than cosmetic distinction between the two. Thanks.

    1. I have speakers (several monitoring systems, actually, from a 5.1 reference system, all the way down to a single crappy mono speaker), but I don’t usually use them for my voiceover work. I use them to listen to demos that I produce to make sure that no matter what system someone might be listening on, my clients’ voice is clear.

  3. Just ordered not one but two lav microphones and wondering why on earth I never did this sooner!
    Can’t believe how cheap they are – and the difference they must make.
    One I’ll use for Selftapes and the other for VO’s.
    Can’t wait to test them out! Thank you DL!

  4. Can you talk a little bit more about external storage? You say you only use your internal drive for running applications. I’m out of room on my computer but I’m not sure what, and how to safely move everything I can to an external drive.

    1. There’s nothing really complicated about it. You don’t have to worry about “safely“ moving anything. You just copy. Find what you want to move from your internal drive, and copy it to the extra drive. Once everything is copied you can delete what’s on the internal drive. Then, don’t save anything to the internal drive again. Only save future content to the external storage drive. Begin with your Documents folder, and make sure everything is well categorized in folders that are organized in a way that makes sense.