13141: Making It Easier To Help The Casting People Out

Hey there, hero!

There’s a gift waiting for you in this podcast episode.

I’m going to show you what is waiting for you when you make a definitive choice, and help casting see your take on a character.

This ties in with a previous episode on being the casting office’s consultant for this role.

When you do make that definitive choice, there’s power in that decision. You feel like a professional, and you walk around with your head held a bit higher…

…as opposed to silently wondering if you made the best choice. And, I present to you the concept of SW SW SW SW. Watch or listen to the episode to find out what the heck that is.

How do you feel once you’ve made your character choices, recorded your audition and submitted it? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. David,
    Your message uplifted me today. I needed to hear that MY acting choices are good (for me) and that I need to “let it go” after the submission is sent. I promise I am slowly working to get better at this, I’ve been struggling a bit but I’m ‘hanging in there,’ like that famous cat poster tells me I should do. 😉 Thanks again. Have a great week.