Less Beating Yourself Up, More Talking Yourself Up

Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

Hey there!

A couple of studies have recently come to light that show a direct correlation between how much we believe in ourselves and how successful we are at what we attempt.

That’s very different from the typical self talk you probably give yourself about not being able to do something, being poor at execution or not having a chance.

Instead, studies show saying the opposite to yourself works better most of the time.

Except for one glaring exception.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I firmly and totally believe this is true! It has been my experience throughout my life as well, that staying positive in my thoughts and self-talk makes a huge difference in ME. Whether it changes the outcome; maybe it doesn’t, but many many times it does. Most people would rather be connected with a positive person than a negative one. It shows when you are positive about yourself and when you are not. Thanks David!

  2. David, this area has been a big area of learning for me. I struggle with having negative thoughts enter my mind when I am getting ready to do something new, different, potentially challenging. I do find working on having positive thoughts to start my day really helps my mind set for the rest of the day.

  3. I’m shooting another scene tomorrow for my first on-camera job. The last couple days I’ve been telling myself, “you can do this,” “you’ve done this before,” “you’ll do a good job.” Building myself up is a very good practice to get into. Thanks for the video David.

  4. I know this is totally not PC today, but when do any vo audition I touch base with God and thank HIM for the talent given me, to guide my voice performance to be what the jobs needs and to help me be successful in my endeavors. There are many times during my day when I think about things that are personal, financial and work related. Any time I’m unsure, I just return to my “touchstone” for inspiration and reinforcement.
    Not trying to sell anything here…it’s just what I do. T

  5. I don’t usually do much talking to myself at all *before* an event (audition, work, social engagement, etc.). My “stick” comes out afterwards, when I tend to beat myself up about what I did wrong or what I should’ve done/said.