VO Heroes Pro Curriculum

It’s simple to learn voice over with VOHeroes: first, watch the courses in the curriculum online, then second, discuss and participate in the live VO workout sessions. All of our courses are listed below.

All of our courses are listed below, in two sections: first, courses you are enrolled in and have access to, and then below that, classes you’re not yet enrolled in.

If you’re not currently enrolled in a class, you can do so by clicking on the class preview picture and purchasing the class. If you’re a Pro member and you can’t get access to a class shown, please post a message for the staff in the ProConnect discussion group.

Courses you’re enrolled in:

If you see no course previews in this space, you are not yet enrolled in any courses. Scroll down to see the courses available to you.

All of our courses, including ones you’re not yet enrolled in:

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