Join Me For Two Live VO Q&A Sessions Today

Given the number of challenges, speed bumps, issues, head-scratching and general questions posted below the VO Booking Blueprint videos this past week, I was thrilled when two of my most respected friends in VO asked me to do a live Q&A with each them – both on the same day, today – answering whatever questions you have about voice over.

In the morning, at 9 am PT, Tim Paige (you’ve heard him on countless shows as the promo announcer, tons of commercials, and now, audiobooks) is hosting a free live webinar, and I’ll be his guest – but you have to register (you can’t just show up). Register at

And then in the afternoon at 1 pm Pacific, Dan O’Day (I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of him as well) is going Live on Facebook, with me as his guest. Visit to see the show – no registration needed.

Both of them will be interviewing me, taking your questions, and I’ll be doing my best to give you the straight skinny on what’s currently working in the world of VO. You can ask about auditioning, equipment, P2P sites, audiobooks, commercials, IVR, animation and video games, running your VO business…anything you want.

Hope this helps, and I hope to connect with you later today!



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  1. I wish I could attend but I will be at my day job. Videos were good stuff for someone bringing the old radio production director skills out of the mothballs and planning on goin into VO.