13157: It’s Not Your Schedule, It’s Their Schedule

Hey there, hero!

Do you find the random irregularity and odd, weird opportunities that are the bulk of our business…annoying?

Does the lack of a regular, traditional 40-hour work week make you…irritated?

I want to help you be at peace with this – and help you with a bit of advice on how to help set up your performer life so that you’re prepared for these opportunities.

Because the opportunities in our business are, most of the time, effing amazing.

Show business is not organized for your success. It’s not an office or cube farm job. It’s certainly not predictable, nor does it follow any observable pattern.

Being prepared for random irregularity just might be your super power – if you know how to take advantage of your downtime.

How do you react to the absolutely weird timing we are presented with when it comes to our opportunities? Are you as prepared as you might like to be? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great podcast, David! Great advice. My agent makes it clear repeatedly to his clients to always be ready to tape an audition, even when on vacation, so he’s definitely on your page. It’s got me in the mindset when traveling of “what do I need to bring if something comes up?” And…things invariably come up.