It’s Not Just You. It’s The Superstars, Too.

Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash

Hey there!

I want to thank my ACX Master Class student Jim Cassidy, and my VO2GoGo Pro client Mike Russo for simultaneously bringing this bit of video to my attention. And I’m calling this to your attention incase you’re one of the last people in the world of audiobook narration that hasn’t seen this clip.

If you thought you were the only audiobook narrator who had trouble getting out a particular stream of words every now and then, let no less than the venerable Stephen Fry put your mind at ease with this moment at the Hay Festival recently, where he recounted a particularly difficult moment with his narrating of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Link to full Hay Festival video on Facebook:
Link to full excerpt video on YouTube:

Hope this helps!



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  1. I have found that almost invariably, if I’m having trouble getting a particular phrase out, I’m speaking too fast.if I just slow down a little bit, I can usually overcome the stumble.

  2. I GOT A SHOUT OUT! I feel just like when Princess Fiona called Donkey a noble steed in “Shreck”. Glad that you liked the video, and I’m glad that I could help.

  3. After many attempts, I remember when I couldn’t say the word “previously”. My producer said to me “Try to say the word previously like you have said it previously!” I busted out laughing and then we got the take done properly. I have a friend who likes to say he is best friends with takes 7 and 8. I always think of this whenever I get stuck!

  4. I have definitely been tripped up on words outside of VO, words I’ve said many times but one day they just seemed difficult. I will think back to the video you shared if I ever get tripped up on a word while doing VO. Thanks for the video David.