I’m Giving Away Secrets of Screen Acting

Hey, there!

It’s hard to believe how much better my acting life is than it was before I read Secrets of Screen Acting, by Patrick Tucker.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about going from just one episode on Heroes (that’s all my character was supposed to survive) to three seasons recurring on the show, you’ve heard me mention this book was, in large part, the reason that happened.

And even better: everything in this book is applicable to your VO career as well.

I am so excited – the 3rd edition is awesome.

So awesome, that I’ve decided to give a copy away. Maybe even two or three copies.


(Look at how happy I am – this was taken when I got an advance copy in the mail!)

All you need to do to be eligible to win one is to write a comment below, congratulating Patrick Tucker, the author, on the book’s third edition. Maybe a comment or two on how Secrets of Screen Acting, or what I’ve said about it, has been helpful to you.

If you’ve never read the book, go get it. Immediately. And in the meantime, write a nice note anyway in the comments below.

Why should you? Here’s what I wrote for Amazon buyers as to why:

In this new edition, Patrick Tucker retains the engaging style and useful structure of the first and second editions, while addressing significant changes in current technology, ensuring that this volume will remain an indispensable resource for contemporary students of screen acting.

Updated for a new decade of screen performance possibilities, Secrets of Screen Acting is a magician’s box of acting tricks for today’s performer and makes the distinction between acting for the stage and for the screen. He explains that the actor, instead of starting with what is real and trying to portray that on screen, should work with the realities of the shoot itself, and then work out how to make it all appear realistic.

Tucker has created and developed several screen acting courses, and this book is an extension and explanation of a lifetime of work in the field. Containing over fifty acting exercises, this book leads the reader step-by-step through the elements of effective screen acting.

If you have read the book, then writing a nice note to him will be a snap.

Say hey to Patrick in the comments below. I’ll pick one at random in the next 48 hours, and send that lucky winner a copy. (One comment per person, so make it a good one!)

And if there are some real knockouts, maybe I’ll give away a couple more.

Hope this helps.



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  1. Congratulations on the 3rd edition, Patrick! This book should be the anchor of the actor’s bookshelf. I continue to get a lot out of the 2nd edition and I look forward to reading your take on how best to approach the radical changes that have occurred since then.

  2. Congratulations Patrick and thank you David. I’ve enjoyed your VO2G0G0 emails and have no doubt Patrick’s book will be helpful as well as I continue my transition form stage to film & television..
    Looking forward to reading it.

  3. Grats Patrick! 3rd edition, eh? How cool is it that you can take some bigger principles and update their application as the industry and technology change? Very, I’d say…

  4. Patrick,

    Congrats on the latest edition of your book.
    Those wanting a successful career should take a look.
    Your tips and tricks for actors acting on screen
    Are the best ones out there that I’ve ever seen!

    Much success with Secrets of Screen Acting, 3rd edition!


  5. Patrick! Congrats from Nashville, TN. Your book is helping actors from all over! Not just LA. The fact that you’re on your third edition means you’ll be continuing to help people for a very long time! Thank you for effort and willingness. 🙂
    – Greg Freeman from Nashville

  6. Congratulations Patrick on your 3rd edition of what are many useful and beneficial books on the subject of acting. An amazing read for anyone pursuing the field of acting whether on stage, on screen, or voice acting. Secrets of Screen Acting 3rd edition, coming to a book shelf near you. Don’t miss it !

  7. Patrick, with the recommendation from David H. Lawrence XVII, the new edition of “Secrets of Screen Acting” just moved to the MUST READ list. Congratulations!!!

  8. Congratulations on the third edition!!! I’ve not read the book, but if it’s recommended by David, then it’s a good book!!! Here’s wishing you continued success!!!!

  9. Having only recently discovered David H. Lawrence XVII and the value he provides the VO community (woulda, shoulda, couldva found him sooner), I value his recommendation to read your latest edition of Secrets of Screen Acting. Nice selfie Christmas gift. Congratulations and best of success, Patrick!

  10. With the recommendation from David Lawrence XVII, I can’t wait to begin improving my skills using the exercises designed by Patrick Tucker in Secrets of Screen Actors. Congratulations on the release of the third edition.

  11. There is so much writing being produced today that it is impossible to capture it all. So I, as a conscientious consumer rely often on referrals from longevity, friends, colleagues and mentors for choosing on what I will spend my precious reading time. A book that has seen its 3rd edition and has come strongly recommended by a recognized actors coach such as David certainly qualifies this book as a must read for me as an old physician but new acting professional. Thank you for doing the tireless, private, isolated work of a writer to capture these ideas, concepts, direction for the acting community. I look forward to the read.

  12. Congratulations, Patrick! And thank you for this third edition of “Secrets of Screen Acting.” It is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to turn in, shall we say, “Heroic” performances. Cheers!

  13. Patrick,

    Congratulations on the third edition release of “Secrets of Screen Actors”. As an actor who is just starting out in this industry I am always looking for tools and training to improve my skills. With the recommendation of David H. Lawrence XVII, I know this is a must read.


  14. A set of three. Third times the charm. Two outta three ain’t bad (No, wait, that’s Meatloaf). Congratulations, Patrick, on your Third Edition. While I’ve not had the good fortune of learning from the first two, I’m looking forward to learning and practicing the steps in this third iteration.

  15. Patrick
    As someone new to acting and VO and always wanting to improve, you newest edition sound like a must read and with Davids recommendation it’s a done deal.
    Congratulations on the third edition release.

  16. Congratulations, Patrick! Thank you for this third edition of “Secrets of Screen Acting.” It is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to turn in, shall we say, “Heroic” performances. Cheers!

  17. Hello Patrick! The hallmarks of your 1st and 2nd editions are Technical precision, Creative specificity and the Ability to Adapt to the requirements of each specific shoot. How appropriate then that you continue to Adapt and Hone your considerable skills while expanding and sharing your knowledge through writing a 3rd edition for the digital age we are now acting in….Cannot wait to read it!

  18. Dear Santa

    As you fly by in the dark starry night with gifts for children everywhere on path of flight!

    Please take a beat and drop a book in my seat!

    Brian Tuckers “Secrets of Screen Acting” be mine my dreams will turn out just fine!

    Santa! There’s this guy David Lawrence by name keeping his peeps informed day by day!

    He’s number XVIl in the universe the planet VO2GOGO you can’t miss him make sure you go!

    Santa I’m old now winding UP!

    So God speed dear bringer of dreams its not all it seems!

    See you soon before the full moon!

  19. Congratulations to Patrick Tucker on your latest edition of your (new) Book “The Secrets Of Screen Acting”. As an actor, and writer myself- I know what an accomplishment it is to have a finished project. Congrats, on the 3rd edition wow!!I look forward to reading your book-thank you for writing it.

    Thank you, also, to David H.Lawrence XVII for being generous, and gracious to give away a copy, or perhaps, two! Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Dawn Grabowski

  20. Congratulations, Patrick, on the release of the 3rd edition the Secrets of Screen Acting! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the SOSA podcast you did with David, and now I’m looking forward to reading your book. Cheers!

  21. Patrick was my teacher at Drama Studio London in 1988! I loved his OC class and his Shakespeare class. Of course that was 26 years ago, so I’m happy this new edition address the new changes in technology. The one thing I remember the most, was his passion for sharing his knowledge. I’m glad he is still doing it. “Felicidades” on the 3rd edition of your book, and “Muchas Gracias”

  22. Congratulations Patrick

    In the last month, I had two people ask advise on how to get started in acting, my response was to pick up your book Secrets of Screen Acting because I knew that you pretty much cover a lot of what they need to know. I think I’ll have to pick up the newest edition to see the new topics.


  23. Go Patrick, Go Patrick, Go!
    Book #3, that is fantastic! Good things come in threes… body, mind, and spirit or, lions, tigers, and bears. May #3 be a huge hit. I have a movie shoot coming up and I’d love to read addition 3 prior to it. Keep writing and sharing your secrets, and thank you for your knowledge and guidance.

  24. Patrick I love the gems I’ve gotten from Secrets of Screen Acting and the interviews you did with David Lawrence. I keep them on my iPhone for quick refreshers! Congrats on the third edition, can’t wait to get my copy.

  25. Patrick, thanks so much for another edition of SOSA! I’ve gotten so much out of the 2nd edition, its really taken my auditions and on-camera work to the next level. The way you talk about shot-size and how to deal with it from an actor’s perspective, why scenes are shot they are, and how to behave on a set give me newfound confidence in my approach to the work. I’m really looking forward to diving in and discovering your insights into this new market of digital video and new media.

    Congratulations on your 3rd edition!


  26. Congratulations Patrick Tucker on your third edition of “Secrets of Screen Acting”! I carry the “mini” version with me and just had it out this past Saturday while I was filming a modified low budget SAG-AFTRA feature film. (And yes, I take your advice and don’t share it with anyone else so that they have to buy their own copy!) Can’t wait to see the update!

  27. Congratulations Patrick!
    Hearing all of the rave reviews, positive comments and recommendation from David has made this book a “Must Have” for my holiday list! I just checked out the book preview on Amazon.com and it looks like a thoughtful and clear explanation of everything a working actor needs to know.
    All my best,

  28. Congratulations, Mr. Tucker, on the latest edition of your indispensable book! Thank you so much, David, for bringing us closer to our craft every day with you advice, encouragement and insight. I count you both as vital mentors in my professional journey. If I am lucky enough to be given a copy of the latest edition of Secrets of Screen Acting, I will present it to my local performing arts school so that as many young people as possible will have the head start you have given me.

    With best wishes for the holidays and into 2015,
    Melissa Chapin

  29. While I’ve a lot of stage and voice work in my past, as a performer who is just taking his first steps into the larger world of professional acting for the screen “Secrets of Screen Acting” sounds like just the jumping-off point I might need to be grounded in this new-to-me area of the craft. The heartfelt and strong recommendation for your Third Edition given by the always-enlightening David Lawrence XVII merely seals the deal; I look forward to discovering your philosophies regarding this large and often mystifying area of performance, and learning from your experiences to make my foray if not easier, then perhaps just well-informed and insightful. Congratulations, Patrick Tucker, on your continued success!

  30. Congratulation on the new edition! Truly enjoyed the last one (which I read not long ago!) and look forward to finding out what new gems this edition will have.

  31. I know of Secrets of Screen Acting primarily through the podcast that Patrick and David did. It is truly amazing, and I can’t wait to read the book as well. Your contribution to my screen acting craft is greatly appreciated!

  32. Hi Patrick! I met you when I was studying at Drama Studio London in 1987, you were teaching Shakespeare. To a Mexican like me it was always a very hard read. But you changed all that. The veil was lifted, and everything finally made sense. You changed my acting life forever, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

  33. Congratulations on the third edition, Mr. Tucker! I always consider myself a student of the craft, so I’m looking forward to learning from your expertise. I know there’s a lot to learn and that development will take time, but I’m ready to dive in and take my best shot, armed with your knowledge. Cheers to future editions~

  34. Dear Patrick Tucker, I purchased your “Secrets of Screen Acting” (Theatre Arts Book) 2nd Edition in February 2007 and devoured it. Then I started using it as the class text with my acting students. Your specificity and clarity has made it so easy for me to teach them the ropes.

    I love that you have included time code markers for referenced scenes in the new edition. As Ed Hooks points out in his review, “If you have a DVD of the referenced movie (DVD’s are not included), you can go directly to the scene in question and see for yourself what he is talking about in terms of technique.”

    Wishing you and all your readers all the best with the third edition. It’s a perfect holiday gift for an actor, experienced or new to the field.

  35. Congratulations on your 3rd Edition, Mr. Tucker! I am a student of David’s fortunate to be experiencing many new opportunities recently. I have found that my VO skills and auditions definitely help when I’m doing community theater and vice versa. But suddenly, I find myself doing some on camera and background work as well. I would love to up my game on every level and David has been praising your book for as long as I’ve known him! Maybe I’ll be a lucky winner or maybe I’ll get off my butt and buy the darned thing. Either way, all the best to you and I WILL be working with you both in a more meaningful way soon………

  36. Congratulations on the new edition, Patrick! It’s wonderful to have a manual that details these crucial elements of film acting that I’d otherwise have to figure out by trial and error – or that I’d never figure out at all! I can only imagine the work it takes to put out a new edition. Thank you for that.

  37. Felicidades Patrick!
    Not many authors get to se a 2nd edition and you are rocking your 3rd! If David reccomends it, theres got to be a reason! Got an idea, David, why don’t you record the audiobook?

  38. Congrats on the 3rd edition! I loved reading edition #1 and listening to edition #2! Now I just need to pick up edition#3 for my niece. Perfect timing!

  39. I bought the book and the podcast “Secrets of Screen Acting” years ago, and I love it. I listen in my car on short rides and gain great insight and get reminded of terminology.

  40. You are awesome! Super Uber Major Kudos Patrick!!! Thank you for such a great resource. You all both are a wealth of knowledge and have helped me be able to take successful Massive Action toward achieving my acting and voiceover goals.

    Thanks again!

    Congrats to both of you guys!

  41. Congratulations on the new edition, Patrick! There can never be enough practical, usable tips for actors out in the universe. Glad there are people like you who put so much work into sharing their knowledge. It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

  42. Much applause to you Patrick on the new 3rd edition of your book, Secrets of Screen Acting! This book comes HIGHLY recommended and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. It’s obvious your work has been making a career upgrade for many performers through the years and I look forward to joining their ranks in the days ahead.

  43. Cosign on all the previous comments. Can’t say anything else that hasn’t been said about Secrets of Screen Acting. Thanks for helping and empowering me as a performer!