0021: I May Have Struck A Nerve (In A Good Way)

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Show notes

Hey there, hero!

The previous episode of this podcast has generated the most comment content of any podcast episode I’ve done. It appears that many more VO talent are concerned about being caught in the “digital performance divide” than I had imagined.

And what you had to say about it sparked an idea for a shootout. I’ll give you details in this episode.

I’ll also give you an invite (if you catch this early enough) to join Dan and I on Facebook Live, where we’re going to do an AMA on audiobook narration and ACX. Here’s the link to the live session this afternoon at 1p PT, 4p ET, 9p GMT:


If you’re watching or listening to this episode before this evening, June 2nd at 9p PT, you have a huge bonus waiting for you if you want to study with me in the 2020 ACX Master Class: register now, and we’ll pay the first $300 of your tuition.

This offer ends tonight at 9p PT. It’s a steal. Here’s the link:



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