I Have Another Tribe That I’m So Glad I Found

Hey there, hero!

I look at you and am so happy you’ve decided to be in my tribe, and allow me to help you with your performing career, both on-mic and on-camera.

Really, nothing compares with the success of my tribe members.

And I’m a member of another tribe, one that helps me be successful as well.

And it does one other very valuable thing.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I trade stocks and options, and am in Courtney Smith’s “Wealthbuilder” tribe. I am still trying to get the hang of trading, I confess.
    I think I am in Ari Whittam’s “EnergyBlueprint” tribe. At least I have taken many classes and webinars recommended by him.

  2. I also run an environmental nonprofit. We are rebranding the organization with a new name, new site, and lots of new programs so this is great timing.