I Found Out What She Was Podcasting About

Hey there!

I ran into that lady the other day – the one who was carrying a mic and pop filter in the elevator and who casually said she was podcasting.

Turns out she was a lot more experienced than I could have imagined.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and you’ll never guess what happened I
ran into that lady that I occasionally
run into the one that walks her dogs but
that the other day I mentioned in one of
the other videos just happened to be
carrying a pretty good microphone and a
pop filter in the elevator when we got
up – right up to the first floor
together just – if you haven’t seen the
video I was just a little shocked that
she said it so matter-of-factly I said
so you’re going to interview somebody
you know just kind of be funny and she
goes no I’m a podcaster actually she
didn’t say that she goes I do a podcast
she didn’t say I’m a podcaster and I
know now why so I was driving out of the
garage to go run an errand and she was
walking her dog back in and I didn’t
have to be anywhere real fast so I
rolled my window down and you know if
you gotta be somewhere fast don’t roll
your window down and talk to a neighbor
who carries a mic with her cuz you might
be there for a while I wasn’t but I
could have been so I rolled my window
down I said hey how are you and she goes
fine I said I was just wondering you
just casually mentioned that you were
doing a podcast the other day what kind
of podcast you do what what podcast you
do and you know I thought she would say
I was just I I do a podcast on dog
walking or on poodles or whatever she’s
like oh um well I used to be a
broadcaster I used to be in radio I used
to work for a big name company premier
broadcasting Clear Channel etc and she
said it to me because she didn’t know
that I was a broadcast she said it to me
as though she was explaining to me these
are big this is a big time thing I’m not
just a podcaster like other people which
I thought was really cute but she’s got
chops she’s been a broadcaster for a
long time and she told me that her
podcast was called run like a girl and
it was about political activism and all
of the women that have been running for
the last couple of years in response to
what’s going on with our government
these days
and what’s going on between the two
parties and so she I said well what’s
your background or do where’d you learn
how to podcast she goes all I would have
pod casts a broadcaster a radio
broadcaster for decades and she worked
for a big short for dr. Laura’s show she
worked so she worked for premier
broadcasting the this indicator she also
worked for ABC we found out we both
worked for ABC I had a chat with her
about it and um you know there’s a part
of me that really doesn’t want to get to
know my neighbors all that well uh but
she seemed like a nice enough person and
she seemed like she would understand why
I kind of liked my privacy but it was
really interesting to see that she
wasn’t defining herself as a podcaster
she was defining herself as a
broadcaster who agreed with me that
broadcasting is now you know radio in
particular is just a cesspool of an
industry to be in and she also said
she’s working on a new podcast again in
the realm of political activism about a
prisoner in a facility in Northern
California who is maintaining his
innocence and she’s thinking of trying
to turn it into sort of like an Adnan
Syed kind of you know did this person
really do what they say they did so it’s
really interesting you walk by people
every single day and you know how we
said in one of the other videos don’t
judge a book by it’s cover you just
don’t ever know you never know what
people are capable of doing and so you
might walk by people all the time that
remember we talked about biases I keep
referring to other videos in this one I
don’t know why
but we talked about biases and how we
look at people and we size them up you
don’t know you never know and if there’s
a great example of that if there ever
was it’s me
people who look at me they don’t think
I’m an actor they never thought I was a
an air personality I would have people
say to me all the time sort of a
watchword in my life I didn’t know you
did that I didn’t know you could do that
I had no idea that I mean I you know and
what they were saying was I look at you
you look like a plumber you don’t look
like somebody who would do the kinds of
things that you do so it’s really
interesting how our biases sometimes
creep in and mine certainly did when we
rode up in the elevator together I
thought she was delivering the
microphone to somebody professional but
it turns out she was the professional so
there you go David anybody ever done
that to you anybody ever surprised you
when you looked at them I wonder what
your first impression is when you looked
at me when you first met me when you
first googled me or your first search
for me or you first saw one of these
videos I wonder what your first
impressions were and I wonder what first
impressions are like for you with other
people what do they say to you let me
know all this stuff in the comments
below your biases what you thought what
you what your first impressions were
back and forth it’s fascinating to me
all this stuff it really is if you’d
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good at that if you see a frame I’m
David H Lawrence the 17th I thank you so
much for watching these daily videos and
I will talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. I was familiar with your work on Heroes, then we spoke on the phone, both of which left me with a positive impression of you. Regarding myself, most people seem to get a positive first impression of me as a nice, quiet guy, but not always. I try so hard to be the knight in shining armor that I have sometimes held others to that same standard, which can leave a bad first impression. I feel I’m better about this now regarding others, but I’m still a little hard on myself now and then. Other people have left bad first impressions on me, like this guy that I played Magic the Gathering with for the first time (collectible card game). He kept trying to make me question every decision I made. I immediately pointed out how annoying that behavior was and he instantly had a bad first impression of me. We are ok now, but that experience made me think a little more about first impressions. Thanks for the video David.

  2. David, so glad you finally found out! One of those mysteries that one wondered if it would ever be solved. 🙂 I do not remember when I first ‘saw’ you but I have had from the beginning the impression of someone who really knows his stuff and likes to help others. In over a year, that impression has only gotten stronger. I think I give off the impression of being a nice guy but not overly interesting as folks usually do not try and get closer. But that is their loss as I find myself interesting :-D.

  3. I love this topic………Too much to go into – but my first thought regarding this subject was in 1973 when I walked into a car dealership to buy a car and they treated me like a shopper just wasting my time…….and the bottom line is after I purchased a car that day from another dealer – I told them why they lost the sale!!! They treated me like a female housewife instead of a customer with buying power!